Nadine Velasquez looks way better than Christina Ricci

Yesterday’s links post of Christina Ricci was not visually appealing to the readers so I figured I’d post some hot pictures of Nadine Velasquez today. Enjoy some hot Nadine followed with some hot links from The Bastardly Gossip Network!

-Once again, the latest on Jenna Jameson
-Harry Potter is a dead wizard
-Thank God Ashlee Simpson turned down Playboy

-Lindsay Lohan is busy
-Hmm…Amy Poehler
-Everyone loves a little April Scott!
-Jessica Simpson’s music video is gonna be sexy

-Beyonce and Jay-Z, maybe not so broken up
-Naomi’s a smooth criminal
-Star Jones says she was fired from “The View”
-Lucy Pinder by the pool gallery

-Really…Naomi Campbell will beat again
-I’d like to reiterate my sigh of relief that Ashlee Simpson won’t do Playboy
-GAMES: K-Fed Dancing With Fire

-Jennifer Aniston strips off in front of Vince’s parents
-Today’s flavor of tuna has some seal in her… it’s Heidi Klum!

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Bastardly Reader
Bastardly Reader

damn she is sexy. Nice come hither eyes. Much better than that rat face Eva... forgot her name already.

snake pliskin
snake pliskin

Christina is better looking and her butt is better too.


she looks good.she's hilarious in my name is earl!