Is Jessica Alba FINALLY Leaving Cash Warren? Hallelujah!

Cash Warren has kept a tight hold on J. Alba for the last couple years, but as of late we haven’t been seeing much of Cash. These new photos of J. could only mean a few things…

1. Jessica Alba & Cash Warren have an open relationship (very positive)
2. Jessica Alba is following Hollywood protocol by sleeping w/ a producer/director/powerful-connection in order to land a “serious-flavored” role.
3. Jessica Alba is leaving Cash for this dude.

I’m happy w/ either one of those…

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i think u all have to much time on ur hands get a life she beautiful and being an actress is her job are u the best at what u do ? fuck leave her alone u dont even knoe here get over it



No More Alba! Please!
No More Alba! Please!


when will this mega-overrated chick totally disappear? there's gonna be Sin City 2 and Sin City 3, if she's not on the 3rd one we'll only have to wait until the 2nd one is released, a few months after that hopefully she will disappear, lets hope she's not featured on the 3rd one, because to see digitally enhanced images of her in revealing clothes attempting her hardest to look sexy shaking her ass being flashed again and again in 1 movie is enough. It's gonna get real boring if that scene keeps being repeated. Is it really the only way they can make Jessica Alba look fuckable and good looking? Haha, I see WAY hotter chicks looking WAY hotter everyday, and they don't need to be on a professional makeup artist's chair for 5 hours, they don't need to have a stylist, they don't need to be told what clothes to wear, they don't need airbrushing, photoshop and digital enhancing and they don't need a professional photographer to look 10000 times hotter than Jessica Alba does. Man is Alba pathetic. She owes her success to the movie Sin City because she was playing a whore, flapping her ass and shaking the celulite in scenes being flashed only to make viewers horny so they would go see the movie, and it took like 6 hours in the makeup chair with a team of preofessional makeup artists, professional stylists etc to be able to make her look hot, and still it wasn't too much. Other than the bare naked whorish ass shaking and dance moves intended to make people horny, she looks so so, nothing special compared to the kind of REAL hotties there's outta there. She owes her success to that and still dares to claim that "she doesn't want to take sexy roles" or that "nudity is against what she is" and gets mad because an image of her appears on the cover of Playboy... LMAO!! how PATHETIC can this chick be? how come she's gonna act in Sin City 2 again if she doesn't wanna take whore roles and if nudity is against what she is? Because that's the only way for her to have people think she's hot and to have people interested in her. She's not good looking enough to be considered sexy if she doesn't take whore roles. She's no Angelina Jolie. Plus, she's BORING as hell, and as an actress, a total joke. Pathetic and fucking stupid! Disappear already mega-overrated idiot!

btw, what's up with that waist as wide as her hips and flat butt? isn't Jessica Alba an icon for desperate female fatties really?

is there still any desperate loser who would dare to say this chick is hot? during the Sin City days I understand, but nowadays, ROFLOL!

seriously, is there anyone other than desperate ugly female fatties who still think this chick is hot?

I never saw any hot or good looking chick, damn, any non-ugly chick that says Jessica Alba was good looking or compliment her looks in any way. It's all ugly chicks who do mostly (about 85-90%), the rest are ugly desperate losers who have not seen a good looking woman or a hot chick in their lives.

And fuck, I never found Holly Madison too hot, but in her pic next to Jessica Alba's pictures, Holly looks like a fucking megahot goddess.


wow she has big feet!!


Wow, now I may not think that Alba is a very talented actress imo, but gosh there are alot of mean things being said about her. I mean, how can we personally add some weight on our shoulders by maliciously hating an actress that we don't know in person. I think she sin't worth the fustration you guys.

But I agree with the majority of a few postings here.

I agree, she's not the "best" actress to boot; including that "fact" that being in "major" big-budget movies doesn't "verify" whether an actor or actress is "talented" or not. She's "typed-casted" as "Eye-Candy" by these worthless hollywood clowns, and she seems to always talk in interviews and pretend like she doesn't want to be labeled like that, but she doesn't seem to complain about the checks that comes through the mail. I just don't understand that. I think she's misunderstood, but at the same time, she's playing herself.

Though just because she's been casted in these movies, (including Fantastic Four) is just because of her known work in "Dark Angel". Though I don't know why she was casted as Sue Storm? But I'd wished that they'd stick to Rachel McAdams. I feel she deserved that role more then anyone else. Damn, damn, damn!!

If you want to be taken seriously, drop that "sexy" routine and be an actress for "christ-sake". I mean, it gets over-rated being cast to just look "sexy" all the time, and she needs to speed it on and start doing films that will show people that she's a serious actress, otherwise, her career will drop downhill.

Vancouver Post Writer
Vancouver Post Writer

shes stupid and i agree with everyone whos "in the minority" of disliking the chick. got that?!


HazMat, you know she didnt actually say the stuff wrote in yellow right?

stop being a dumb piece of shit.


im waiting for violator to comment, heehee


How the hell is he in the minority judging from the blogs most people dont like Alba i've seen more mean comments posted about her.


yeah, violator i think i read that somewhere in who cares weekely........


Razor Wire, The Updated FHM 100 Sexiest Women in The World 2006. Check out number 2 and number 61(below)!!!!! Ur in the minority SHITHEAD!!!!! Plus I never said the Fantastic Four was a HIT because it wasn't!!! I simply said Jessica Alba got the part in a major budget film, but I do agree with u in terms of acting ability Natalie Portman is a better actress and is fit as fuck just not as fit as Jessica Alba. Also to ur comment about letting u say what u want, I would never stand in the way of ur self satisfying rants as it may harm ur emotional/mental development and all "SPECIAL" people can speak their minds in "confidence"!!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha GIMP!!!

1. Scarlett Johansson

2. Angelina Jolie

3. Jessica Alba

4. Jessica Simpson

5. Keira Knightley

6. Halle Berry

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8. Maria Sharapova

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10. Teri Hatcher

11. Paris Hilton

12. Jennifer Garner

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14. Lindsay Lohan

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99. Naomi Watts

100. Josie Maran

Razor Wire
Razor Wire


Yeah, i can see where u got the idea she’s got no talent as an actress(not!!!!!!)

and im sure no other young hollywood actress wanted the part as sue storm/invisible girl in a major box office version of the Fantastic Four!!!

let’s face it if ur classed as one of the top 10 sexiest women on the planet(9th place in FHM top 100 sexiest women 2006) then u can’t really be that bad looking now can u??!!!!!

Well at least u(Razor Wire)TRIED to back up ur claims that she ain’t shit instead of unleashing an unthought of rant just because she might not of been ur choice for sue storm(yes im talking about u HazMat, u comic book collecting nerd!!! is it true “the comic book guy” in the simpson is based on u??!!!)

yes asshole, you got it. box office hits???? dont make me laugh!!!! all her films are flops and shes the worst actress in historywho thinks shes natalie portman, who, by the way, moron, is much hotter and sexier and talented than that wentch will ever be. sorry to dissapoint you, but shit for brains, but i like classy blond girls. one more thing, even tho you seem to worship the ugly VD carrier, LET ME SAY WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTS SAKE!!!!!!

are you really that stupid? not EVERYONE loves her!!!!!!!!


ALMA Awards

Year : 2001

Category : Special Achievement Award, Breakthrough Actress of the Year


TV Guide Awards

Year : 2001

Category : Breakout Star of the Year

For : James Cameron's Dark Angel


Saturn Award

Year : 2000

Category : Best Actress on Television

For : Dark Angel


Yeah, i can see where u got the idea she's got no talent as an actress(not!!!!!!)

and im sure no other young hollywood actress wanted the part as sue storm/invisible girl in a major box office version of the Fantastic Four!!!

let's face it if ur classed as one of the top 10 sexiest women on the planet(9th place in FHM top 100 sexiest women 2006) then u can't really be that bad looking now can u??!!!!!

Well at least u(Razor Wire)TRIED to back up ur claims that she ain't shit instead of unleashing an unthought of rant just because she might not of been ur choice for sue storm(yes im talking about u HazMat, u comic book collecting nerd!!! is it true "the comic book guy" in the simpson is based on u??!!!)

Razor Wire
Razor Wire

"Circus of the Stars 2012: Starring Jessica Alba! Watch as Jessica swallows an entire bowling ball! That's right, the star of such classics as Honey 2: I Need the Money, Honey 3: Will You Ever Learn, and Back Into The Blue will entertain you...cause she won't get paid if she doesn't. And here's Jessica....!"

She's not an actress.

She's an entertainment personality...but she's not entertaining and her actual personality sucks, and she aint that hot. sorry, but many on the site agree!

Which means...

She ain't shit.

Easy math, no?



Wot the fuck is HazMat on about????? U've got to be one those Big is beautiful idiots to even suggest Jessica Alba is an ugly bird. Either that or ur some freaky half-wit who loves girls with that much make-up on they have to wear a polarneck just to keep their head up!!! U fucking retard!


i doubt vito would touch you with rubber gloves you fucking ugly fat ass clown skank. i wouldnt for that matter, i hate that ugly old skank, and those shoes are hideous. oh my god, wait, so are her feet and she stands funny, with her feet turned inward. why does everyone make such a big deal about this ugly bird????


i smell a prostitute, and its alba!!!! i also smell her armpits from here, that stinky mex stuck up skank.


"fucking minorities"????? and what the hell is SHE? all american? please. what a racist, hypocritical egotistical bitch


I can't for the life of me see anything in Alba. I think she got to where she is by sucking James Cameron's cock dry while doing "Dark Angel" and god only knows who's cock/cocks she's draining nowadays.


for real, cammi, and everyone who knows phred knows hes the shit!! phred and vito and john too!!! :) alsom, wiseman rocks too :)

did she really break up with cash?


#3 you are NOT vito!!!!!!! stop fucking around and grow the fuck up and post your own shit under your own name!!!!!!! nodakgirl, phred help me out! vito is the best!!!!

leave him alone let him hate "slobba" lol!!!!!


Ummmmm . . . How does this mean she is leaving whomever in the hell it is she is leaving? I don't get it. It looks like a rather fine casual brunch with a friend to me. But what in the holy fuck do I know?


lmao...... jessica alba is okay for me


At least Jessica Alba has beautiful knees and legs. Unlike most of those young trampy actresses/singers who have bruised, swollen, cut, scrapped, and scabbing knees. Also, Jessica is naturally beautiful in person, so she doesn't need lots of make-up to give her a pretend beauty look. *But, yeah, the shoes are ugly!


She's starting to irritate me.


That's not Vito, arsehole






the ugly lfat shoes make her looks like an old lady