Big Gay Vin Diesel Finally Comes Out of the Closet; Dating Mike Tyson

Everyone please show Vin your support by leaving some kind comments. Every once in a while it’s nice to be nice, God damn it!!

Also, Mike Tyson is looking FAAAT! I guess that’s what happens when the bank confiscates everything in your exercise room (along w/ your exercise room).

  • Realartist

    This shit is stupid and childish, grow up.

  • Realartist

    Even if he is gay, who tf cares? Its not that serious my man. People have way too much time on their hands. Love to post shit about other people but never post nothing about theirself. Let me guess what type of person made this. Either a gay dude or a fat, lonely, depressed ass dude.

  • JadenMitchell

    @Zak shut the fuck up no one has a problem but you

  • beantown508

    Right on bro couldn’t have said it better myself…. People talk all day about everyone else but can’t bare for the spotlight to show e on them for a few seconds.. let’s see how you hold up to people poking at every skeleton in your closet until you have no more secret left to hide and then have every one in the world Comment on every little thing you stand for!!! In my opinion the guy who wrote this stuff is a scared piece of shit afraid to live in a world of choices what vin is and who he is with is his business and it

  • beantown508

    Wow write much ?? You sound like a hick!! When I first saw… looked do hot…. found out you is gay… you is still hot…. your swearing and in share you haven’t saved your self for marriage so who is a sinner now dumb ass!!!

  • icecream323

    OOOOOMMMMMGGGGG why is it that the hottest guys on earth are the gayest ones! So sad. ):

  • Marky Marky

    I think you all need to go to bed and concentrate on your own careers, then you might all be as successful as Vin lol night all!!!! Marky from the UK

  • Vin Likes Poop

    Vin Diesel told me himself that he LOVES Pussy….. the kind that smells like POOP!

  • Guests2013

    It is truly sad that so many people have such a hard time focusing on there own life and career. Here it is either you like his acting or you don’t. I know damn well he is not concerned with who you are dating. And what business of yours is it whether he is straight or gay. I’ll close with this the next time you question if someone else is straight or guy ask yourself if you are straight or gay

  • Johnboy1980

    I saw him in a public toilet in Walsall and asked him if he fancied a bit, he looked me up and down and said “urrrgh NO” I know this doesnt answer the burning question but it does at least prove he’s very rude…………

  • jeff2913

    yeah Zac there is a lot of dumb f****** out there. keep on letting them know they’re dumbasses

  • jeff2913

    lot of dumbass people are wishful thinking. they need to spend some time in therapy. you tell the f****** idiots where to go Zac

  • jeff2913

    yeah the Internet is pretty full of dumbasses. if you saw the interview what a joke. but all those dumb ass people are the ones that make the smart ones rich. look at that idiot JohnBoy or what a moron

  • YuriMorningstarSolivoda


  • lol

    Johnboy1980 hes not rude but you might be a slut lol

  • EIramd

    Vin deisel is that dude and you #$/&@#* need to show respect the one of the reasons we dont give up on your sorry asses we keep telling ourselves one day qe will meet a dude like that wake up ladies he is playing a character in a movie if your looking for a man like that go to bed because he is only in our dreams oh yeah you all need to get a !@#$^&& life

  • Zustel

    Wow! What kind of shit are most of you smoking? Vin Diesel is not gay. I agree with those of you who think that the retard who made this shit is a total fucking twat. Even if he was gay, who the fuck cares? Would it affect you directly or even indirectly if he was pumping his cock up some dudes ass? No it fucking wouldn’t. Those of you who are getting all worked up about Diesel being gay should find a new hobby, get a job, go repeat grades 1 through 6 and then go fuck your asshole.
    Vin Diesel is not gay

  • Kitty2525

    I don’t believe he is 100% gay , but I do believe he may be bisexual , but I can be wrong .. who am I to judge .. .. Either way it’s gross in my opinion. . Gay men are nasty , but Anyway, I hope he’s not Gay … He’s a dam good Actor … Even if Vin diesel was gay , he’d come out eventually anyway, they always do … So until we have evidence we can’t lable somebody. … it’s wrong … no Matter what I think he’s awsome ….

  • shmic81

    I feel stupid even wondering if Vin is gay. I agree who freakn cares either way. I only looked into it cos hes one of my favorite actors,, and my mates at work were giving me shit that he is gay. I never believed it or cared either way but I was queries to find out. I believe he is not gay.

  • Louis

    after reading this its sad that people sit around and make up stories about people and focus on the lives of people that could really careless about you guys. all i have to say is focus on your own lives and for people to have some false hope about sleeping with this man you will probably never meet him and if you do hes not going to be interested in you he has so many woman throwing themselves at him and yet you never see them with him. i honestly believe that any person who believes they are in love with a celebrity you are very delusional and its sad because you will spend your entire life trying to achieve something that will never be yours and people need to really stop saying if hes gay hes not hot anymore and if hes gay iv lost all respect for him crap because while you are judging him and making up stories he is living in his nice house and all his possessions and i believe he has a Girlfriend so her as well and he is not worried about people who are obsessed with him. people need to understand that to him you are just another person in this world another person he will never meet and when you get that through your mind you will be happier. its also very funny that a comment written on here said hes hot but if he is gay he has sinned in the eyes of the lord and will have to pay on judgement day or some thing like that and honestly it is no ones place to judge anyone on this earth if you truly believe in god you would know the bible says thou shalt not judge meaning it is no ones job on this earth to choose what a person does with their lives if this man was gay it shouldn’t concern any of the people on here.

  • Cheddar

    WHO IN THE FUCK CARES!! There’s a name for all the judgemental faciast pigs in this world ° Fucktards° Whether he rode the stick or shifted with it I could I could fucking care less!! But my gf says he’s not, so I’m gonna go with her on this one lol

  • Cheddar

    WHO IN THE FUCK CARES!! There’s a name for all the judgemental faciast pigs in this world ° Fucktards° Whether he rode the stick or shifted with it I could I could fucking care less!! But my gf says he’s not, so I’m gonna go with her on this one lol

  • Cheddar

    … WoW

  • Cheddar

    … WoW

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  • wyvern 24

    Cheddar  Spoken like a true cross dresser!

  • wyvern 24

    Yes, Vin Diesel is Bi-sexual, rather than Gay. When he was doing time in California on drug charges he spent most of his time with the openly gay inmates, because that’s what he identifies with. In a few years when he’s ready to retire, maybe he will finally tell the truth, and come out of the closet. We’ll just have to wait and see!

  • Akirevada

    wyvern 24 He’s definitely gay, not bisexual. His “girlfriend” is just a friend there for convenience purposes

  • Akirevada

    Kitty2525 And why are gay men nasty? You sound like a nasty person.

  • Akirevada

    jeff2913 Wishful thinking? This site is run by straight guys. They don’t wish he’s gay. And gay men don’t use Vin Diesel. He’s considered ugly lol

  • Akirevada

    @Louis If he’s gay, you’ve lost all respect for him? Why? You sound like a terrible person. And it’s amusing you’re telling people to focus on their own lives when you’re focusing on other people so much.

  • Akirevada

    @Zak LOL @ European cunt. Vin is gay. Get over it lol

  • crossRoads

    Does it really matter? Why do people focus on Vin’s sexuality? If he is or isn’t, lets look at how talented  of an actor he is, he is a writer, director,  producer and one hell of a business man. Lets not forget either that he is a terrific father. These are the things people should focus on when they start talking shit about people.  As far as I am concerned I have enjoyed Mr. Diesels body of work over the years, and hope he continues to do more work to entertain us.  Vin what ever you do behind closed doors is your business, you rock and hope you are going to make anther movie as part of “The Chronicles of Riddick” .

  • wawd

    @Louis He said “on judgement day.” He didn’t judge the man. He did not judge the man. He said God would ON JUDGEMENT DAY. Don’t comment on things you don’t comprehend.

  • Truthfullllllllll

    @tiana kalalau  He was born that way, like rapists, murderers, pedophiles, thieves, liars, cheaters, goat fuckers etc.

  • Just saw Vin

    I just saw Vin Diesel in a public washroom here in CITYOMITTED, I know I’m gay and I know why I was in this cruisy washroom, now I know why he was, he went into a stall with a guy I saw cruising the park.  He declined me, that’s ok I know I’m not pretty, anyways yeah, it’s 100% true, Vin Diesel is AT LEAST bisexual based in what I just saw. Monday October 12 2015.

  • themadzak

    Hollywood is screwed up. It’s OK to be seen hanging out with Mike Tyson, but God forbid you are seen with Mel Gibson.After all, Mel Gibson had an alcohol addiction problem and he made racial slurs while drunk. Mike Tyson merely raped a girl.

  • wcpalmer89

    If you don’t care why comment such angry words why comment at all if didn’t care you wouldn’t have said anything on this what if one of your kids were a famous actor and were lying to the media would you want them to be truthful

  • sanctuarywoods

    Kitty2525  your a fool!

  • Confused

    Ok so first off let me say no it doesn’t matter if he is gay or straight or whatever who he chooses to play hide the pickle with doesn’t effect the fact that he’s a good actor two of my friends who are gay told me he was and I said bullshit but they swore up and down that he is gay so I was curious and had to look it up the biggest thing that fucks with my head is all the people commenting on here that try and make everyone else feel like a piece of shit because they wanted to know if he is gay or not so we are all fascist pigs for looking this up but how the fuck did all of you get here if you weren’t looking up the same fucking thing?


    icecream323 lol, are you stupid or blind or both? The hottest guys on earth are the straightest ones)

  • SkyrimGal89

    @kitty Gay men have been around for hundreds upon hundreds of years. It wasn’t until like the 18th or 19th century did people start frowning upon it. Shame on you for judging them and thinking they are disgusting gay men and women are people with feelings and normal people too. They have not sinned against God. God made them the way they are (if you believe in God) if not it is part of nature. It is the make up of that person or creature as there are gay animals as well.