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Bastardly Breaking News! Paris Hilton has a Turquoise Blankie

Scarlett Johansson And Her Latest F.A.D.D*
James Jagger Turns 18—ooo-la-la!
Jessica Biel Leaves Her Yoga Class
They Better Make Her Ass Pay Taxes!
Footage from the new Transformers flick

Beyonce Has Nipples
When Did Pink Turn Into A Lady?
Beyonce Nipple Slip… Well, Almost
Trump To Carolyn Kepcher: “You’re Fired!”
Hilary Duff being adorable, again
Rockstar Supernova Winner Revealed! Well Maybe…
Jessica Simpson admits her lips are fake
There’s another Adriana in town…[Direct Link to photo]
Keira Knightley Has Many Talents
A Nonsensical Must-Read

Lindsay Lohan boyfriend application
Orlando Bloom Snubs David Hasselhoff
Jessica Simpson Gives Her Voice A Rest But Not Her Mouth

Bastardly Hot or Not: Alice Greczyn @ The Ultimate Green Room W Hotel

Not much from Wikipedia:

Alice Greczyn (b. Walnut Creek, California, United States, February 6, 1986) is an American actress that currently stars in the NBC television series Windfall, playing the teenager Frankie Townsend.

She has also appeared in the films Sleepover, The Dukes of Hazzard and Fat Albert, as well as the television series Phil of the Future and Quintuplets.

She lives in Hollywood, California.

Bastardly Remembers…Luiciana Salazar @ The 2003 MTV VMAs Latin America

As you people know, the 2006 MTV VMAs are tonight. Will they suck ass like the Emmys? We didn’t really watch any of th Emmys, but from the photos we’ve seen, it looked like it sucked ass (and as for that lame ass nipple slip, all I gotta say is that our standards have dropped real low—reeeal low).

Anyway, we have all our fingers & toes double crossed for a wardrobe malfunction along these juicy lines

Enjoy a few more snaps of Luiciana Salazar. below More info about her over here.

Bastardly Hot or Not: Jacinda Barrett

And the Wiki says…

Jacinda Barrett (born August 2, 1972, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) is a model turned actress.

At the age of seventeen, Barrett started modeling through Europe. In 1995 she landed her first television break as a cast member on MTV’s Real World season in London. This made her perhaps one of the very few people to crossover from reality television to mainstream success in the film industry. After the show, she attended the British Academy of Dramatic Art in Oxford, England. Her first film role came in 1997 in Campfire Tales. Since then, she has been in numerous movies and television shows.

On December 29th, 2004 she married actor Gabriel Macht. [Wiki]

Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson is Funny, Sexy & Kinky!

Bastardly Confession: I’ve never seen an episode of this show until this Saturday morning when my Tivo had it taped for some odd reason. Let’s just say it was a delightful surprise.

My take on the show is very simple: W/out Kendra Wilkinson, the show would suck major ass. She was absolutely hilarious during her football themed shoot in which she dressed up like a San Diego Charger & the other two hos dressed up as slutty cheerleaders. You gotta admit, though, doing the Heisman Trophy pose w/ your tetas hanging out was mindbogglingly classic & not to mention, extremely creative!!

Anyway, even though she’s slightly butta, Kendra definitely gets the Bastardly Seal of Approval.

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