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The Bastardly Remembers… Alison Armitage

Does anyone else remember Alison Armitage as “Cat” on Acapulco H.E.A.T.???…or her Playboy appearances as Brittany York? Oh yes, the early 90’s….

- Jessica Alba Is “The Most Kissable” [HollywoodTuna]
– Everybody Hates Lindsay Lohan [Yeeeah!]
– Paris Hilton Dancing in Europe [Drunken Stepfather]
– Sara Paxton set to Party on at Lifetime [Tubewad]
– Dirty. Drunk. Nasty. Pink [Dlisted]
– Maria Sharapova is Russian [Fatback and Collards]

- FreakShow on Comedy Central [Comedy Central]
– Supermodel Showdown – Eva Herzigova vs. Izabel Goulart [Horny Oyster]
– Aaron and Nick Carter are stoopid yo [CityRag]
– Caprice Bourret / MAXIM [GorillaMask]
– Rosario Dawson Worships “Occult” [Filmwad]
– Jennifer Ellison… OW! [UseMyComputer]

- Go out and watch The Departed on October 6th! [The Departed]
– Avril Lavigne Needs Her Ass Kicked [IDontLikeYouInThatWay]
– Who Knew Nick Lachey Was So… Spicy? [I’m Not Obsessed]
– Name. That. Nipple…? [MollyGood]
– Kate Beckinsale is the Ultimate MILF [Egotastic!]

- Exclusive: Nicole Richie leaving a crystal meth anon meeting (update) [Cele|bitchy]
– Rachel Bilson’s Squeezer [Popoholic]
– Hey Britney, Madonna’s Got Your Nose [A Socialite’s Life]
– Naomi Campbell is unhappy with her cell service [Celebslam]
– Flav Wont Be Back [Glitterati Gossip]
– Pubic Hair Fashion Show [Celebrity Crunch]
– Are you a Bastardly Lady of the Day? [The Bastardly]

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Adele Silva is the One Smile Boobilicious Wonder

Today, if you didn’t notice, was Hot, Young British Soap Stars Day on Bastardly. We have a couple more to dish out come next week.

In the meantime, let’s go to the Wiki for more info on Adele…

Adele Silva (born 19 November 1980 in Croydon, London) is an English actress and glamour model. She was educated at the Sylvia Young Theatre School and has been on stage and television since she was a child.

She is best known for playing the role of Kelly Windsor from 1993 to 2000 in the television soap opera Emmerdale. Her plotlines have been amongst the most daring in the soap opera, including a semi-incestuous relationship with her step-brother and running off with one of her school teachers. She returned in 2005, promising to be the “biggest bitch” in British soap.

On the personal front, her name has often been linked romantically to those of footballers. As of December 2005, she is dating singer Antony Costa from the group Blue. [Wiki]

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Bastardly Breaking News! Jessica Biel endorses Il Riccio restaurant!

Unlike Beyonce, Jessica Biel looks like she didn’t put nearly as much effort just to go out for dinner. She looks comfortable for a nice meal… because, Beyonce, it’s just dinner.

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Bastardly Fashion Rating: Alyson Hannigan @ How I Met Your Mother Premiere

Alyson’s hair color was an important topic in our last post about her, so let’s go to the Wiki for more info…

Hannigan has been said to be a natural redhead, which is incorrect. In interviews she has stated that her hair is actually auburn, and mostly brown in color. Her natural color can be seen in older films such as My Stepmother Is an Alien. [Wiki]

Finally, we can all die in peace.

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Bastardly Hot or Not II: Ali Bastian @ 2006 Inside Soap Awards

The last time we posted Ali, it looked like she just crawled out of bed, into her bikini & out to the pool.

These photos might do her Bastardly Hot or Not Rating more justice. In my opinion, she looks too MILFy in this particular outfit. If she wants to jump from soaps to movies, she better start dressing a little more provocatively. Chop, chop, Ali!!

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[NAME-REMOVED] is an Angry Red Carpet Prostitute


And the Wiki says…

Cody Horn (born 1987) is an American model. Horn is the daughter of Warner Brothers president and chief operating officer Alan F. Horn and former model and actress Cindy Horn. She is a freshman at New York University. [Wiki]

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