She looks amazing in the dress in pic #4 and I get so hard looking at her in a t-shirt and panties. She can get my juices flowing for sure.


just chill u guys-its a comment posting for scarlett not WWIV?

she is pretty but i think she fucked woody Allen



I am not too impressed with Scarlett, I think she knows she is pretty and is a bit concieted at least that is the impression I have been given.


hm... yummi, Sauerkraut!

Buck Nasty
Buck Nasty

Thanks Kristina there is hope for you Krauts yet, only teasing fraulein.


Oh sorry, because I am a heathen atheist witch I misspelled "god". Sorry for that.

God save the queen, America and the bastardly community.


Some of your responses totaly suport my idea of the typical american guy but some were also realy good. that gives me hope!

good bless america.


Vogue totally photoshopped Scarlett's delicious curves!!!

Buck Nasty
Buck Nasty

Thanks for your support booboo, just trying to support our people getting shot at every day so other people can have a chance to be free. Half or more of those so-called wars she is listing is our troops trying to defend some people from getting slaughtered.Bosnia,Ruanda,Kuwait, no one wants to send their sons & daughters to get killed, I get sick every time I read about more soldiers getting killed in Iraq,2 in the last 2 weeks from a town next to me.To Kristina, Auf Wiedersehen-Guten Tag.


I'm loving you on this thread, Buck!

Buck Nasty
Buck Nasty

Sorry Kristina, you unleashed the lightning now my American brothers are bringing the thunder. Can't we all just get along. We are fighting extremist Muslim terriosts not each other. Did you catch the movie Munich that was pretty good.


And leave Jesus out of it, you heathen atheist witch!


Yes Kristina, I saw your last sentence...

And now Germany is the most free police state in the world.

Your government is all up in your business, all the time. If you want to build a house, it must be done to government specifications. It costs $8,000 to learn to drive. You are forbidden from doing anything on Sunday - you can't work in your own workshop, you can't cut your grass - it might annoy others. If you are pulled over while driving, the Polizei can hold you down and take your blood, if you refuse to take a breathalyzer. During the World Cup, notices were put out that they could detain and incarcerate you, no charges filed, for up to 2 weeks for NO PARTICULAR REASON.

Bush did not steal the election, like him or not. Iraq may have been a mistake, but Saddam Hussein was playing games, showing no proof that he had destroyed the WMDs, breaking UN resolutions, trying to buy yellowcake from Niger. Other, bigger reasons as well. All this while Germany and France were doing business with his totalitarian government, and lying about it!!!

Why do you care anyway? It's our national security, not yours. Tend to your own business.

So SHUT THE FUCK UP you stupid German bitch.

And yeah, I learned how to use a gun...my father taught me. It's one of my rights.

Buck Nasty
Buck Nasty

Bitch you have too much time on your hands, I'm the dumbass???I did not vote for Bush , and I'm glad your people regret killing 6 million people , but we are not even close to that number yet.


Dear Kristina,

Bush stole the election twice. I don't know anyone who voted for him.

Stop assuming your ass off about actual Americans. If you come at us with a

"you damned Americans" attitude, how did you expect us to respond?

If you want to be loved, K, be more loveable.

sincerely, -perfect_stain


and thats only untill 1999. We all know what happend after that!


We didn't start any war after 1945. But America did the following:


Korea-Krieg: 27.06.1950 bis 27.07.1953


Suez-Krise: Ägypten, 26.07.1956 bis 15.11.1956


Operation “Blue Bat”: Libanon, 15.07.1958 bis 20.10.1958

1958 – 1963

Taiwan-Straße: 23.08.1958 bis 1.06.1963

1960 – 1962

Kongo: 14.07.1960 bis 1.09.1962


Operation “Tailwind”: Laos, 1970

Operation “Ivory Coast/Kingoin”: Nordvietnam, 21.11.1970


Operation “Linebacker II”: Nordvietnam, 18.12.1972 bis 29.12.1972

Operation “Pocket Money”: Nordvietnam, 9.05.1972 bis 23.10.1972

Operation “Freedom Train”: Nordvietnam, 6.04.1972 bis 10.05.1972

1972 – 1973

Operation “Endweep”: Nordvietnam, 27.01.1972 bis 27.07.1973

1962 – 1971

Operation “Linebacker I”: Nordvietnam, 10.05.1972 bis 23. Oktober

Operation “Ranch Hand”: Südvietnam, Januar 1962 bis Januar 1971

1962 – 1963

Kuba-Krise: weltweit, 24.10.1962 bis 1.06.1963

1965 – 1966

Operation “Powerpack”: Dominikanische Republik, 28.04.1965 bis 21.09.1966

1965 – 1970

Operation “Arc Light”: Südostasien, 18.06.1965 bis April 1970

Operation “Rolling Thunder”: Südvietnam, 24.02.1965 bis Oktober 1968


Sechs-Tage-Krieg: Mittlerer Osten, 13.05.1967 bis 10.06.1967


Operation “Nickel Grass”: Mittlerer Osten, 6.10.1973 bis 17.11.1973


Operation “Eagle Pull”: Kambodscha, 11.04.1975 bis 13.04.1975

Operation “Freequent Wind”: Evakuierung in Südvietnam, 26.04.1975 bis 30.04.1975

Operation “Mayaguez”: Kambodscha, 15.05.1975

1977 – 1999

Operation “Coronet Oak”: Zentral- und Südamerika, Oktober 1977 bis 17.02.1999


Operationen “Eagle Claw/Desert One”: Iran, 25.04.1980


Operation “Golf von Sidra”: Libyen, 18.08.1981

1981 – 1992

El Salvador, Nikaragua: 1.01.1981 bis 1.02.1992


Operation “Urgent Fury”: Grenada, 23.10.1983 bis 21.11.1983

1982 – 1987

US-Multinational Force: Libanon, 25.08.1982 bis 11.12.1987


Operation “Attain Document”: Libyen, 26.01.1986 bis 29.03.1986

Operation “El Dorado Canyon”: Libyen, 12.04.1986 bis 17.04.1986

Operation “Blast Furnace”: Bolivien, Juli 1986 bis November 1986

1987 – 1990

Operation “Ernest Will”: Persischer Golf, 24.07.1987 bis 2.08.1990


Operation “Praying Mantis”: Persischer Golf, 17.04.1988 bis 19.04.1988

Operation “Golden Pheasant”: Honduras, ab März 1988


Operation “Nimrod Dancer”: Panama, Mai 1989 bis 20.12.1989

1989 – 1990

Operation “Just Cause”: Panama, 20.12.1989 bis 31.01.1990


Operation “Promote Liberty”: Panama, 31.01.1990

Operation “Wipeout”: Hawaii, ab 1990

1990 – 1991

Operation “Sharp Edge”: Liberia, Mai 1990 bis 8.01.1991

Operation “Desert Shield”: 2.08.1990 bis 17.01.1991

1990 – 1993

Operation “Ghost Zone”: Bolivien, März 1990 bis 1993


Operation “Desert Storm”: Irak, 17.01.1991 bis 28.02.1991

Operation “Eastern Exit”: Somalia, 2.01.1991 bis 11.01.1991

Operation “Productiv Effort/Sea Angel”: Bangladesh, Mai 1991 bis Juni 1991

Operation “Fiery Vigil”: Philippinen, 1. bis 30.06.1991

Operation “Victor Squared”: Haiti, 1. bis 30.09.1991

Operation “Quick Lift”: Zaire, 24.09.1991 bis 7.10.1991

Operation “Coronet Nighthawk”: Zentral- und Südamerika, ab 1991

Operation “Desert Falcon”: Saudi Arabien, ab 31.03.1991

1991 – 1992

Operation “Desert Calm”: “Südwest-Asien, 1.03.1991 bis 1.01.1992


Operation “Support Justice”: Südamerika, 1991 bis 1994

Operation “Provide Comfort”: Kurdistan, 5.04.1991 bis Dezember 1994

1991 – 1996

Operation “Provide Comfort II”: Kurdistan, 24.07.1991 bis 31.12.1996


Operation “Desert Farewell”: Südwest-Asien, 1.01.1992 bis 1992

Operation “Silver Anvil”: Sierra Leone, 2.05.1992 bis 5.05.1992

Operation “Maritime Monitor”: Adria, 16.07.1992 bis 22.11.1992

Operation “Sky Monitor”: Bosnien-Herzegowina, ab 16.10.1992

1992 – 1993

Operation “Maritime Guard”: Adria, 22.11.1992 bis 15.06.1993

1992 – 1996

Operation “Provide Promise”: Bosnien, 3.07.1992 bis 31.03.1996

1993 – 1995

Operation “Sharp Guard”: Adria, 15.06.1993 bis Dezember 1995


Operation “Distant Runner”: Ruanda, 9.04.1994 bis 15.04.1994

Operationen “Quiet Resolve”/”Support Hope”: Ruanda, 22.07.1994 bis 30.09.1994

Operation “Vigilant Warrior”: Kuwait, Oktober 1994 bis November 1994

Operation “Able Sentry”: Serbien-Mazedonien, ab 5.07.1994

1994 – 1995

Operation “Uphold/Restore Democracy”: Haiti, 19.09.1994 bis 31.03.1995

Operation “Steady State”: Südamerika, 1994 bis April 1996


Operation “United Shield”: Somalia, 22.01.1995 bis 25.03.1995

Operation “Vigilant Sentine I”: Kuwait, ab August 1995

Operation “Nomad Vigil”: Albanien, 1.07.1995 bis 5.11.1996

Operation “Safe Border”: Peru/Ecuador, ab 1995

Operation “Deliberate Force”: Republika Srpska, 29.08.1995 bis 21.09.1995

Operation “Determined Effort”: Bosnien, Juli 1995 bis Dezember 1995

Operation “Quick Lift”: Kroatien, Juli 1995

1995 – 1996

Operation “Decisive Enhancement”: Adria, 1.12.1995 bis 19.06.1996

Operation “Joint Edeavor”: Bosnien-Herzegowina, Dezember 1995 bis Dezember 1996


Operation “Assured Response”: Liberia, April 1996 bis August 1996

Operation “Quick Response”: Zentralafrikanische Republik, Mai 1996 bis August 1996

Operation “Guardian Assistance”: Zaire/Ruanda/Uganda, 15.11.1996 bis 27.12.1996

Operation “Pacific Haven/Quick Transit”: Irak – Guam, 15.09.1996 bis 16.12.1996

Operation “Laser Strike”: Südafrika, ab 1.04.1996

Operation “Nomad Edeavor”: Taszar, Ungarn, ab März 1996

Operation “Northern Watch”: Kurdistan, ab 31.12.1996

Operation “Desert Focus”: Saudi Arabien, ab Juli 1996

Operation “Desert Strike”: Irak, 3.09.1996; Cruise Missile-Angriffe: Irak, 26.06.1993, 17.01.1993, Bombardements: Irak, 13.01.1993

Operation “Decisive Edeavor/Decisive Edge”: Bosnien-Herzegowina, Januar 1996 bis Dezember 1996


Operation “Guardian Retrieval”: Kongo, März 1997 bis Juni 1997

Operation “Noble Obelisk”: Sierra Leone, Mai 1997 bis Juni 1997

Operation “Bevel Edge”: Kambodscha, Juli 1997

Operation “Phoenix Scorpion I”: Irak, ab November 1997


Operation “Noble Response”: Kenia, 21.01.1998 bis 25.03.1998

Operation “Shepherd Venture”: Guinea-Bissau, 10.06.1998 bis 17.06.1998

Operation “Infinite Reach”: Sudan/Afghanistan, 20. bis 30.08.1998

Operation “Phoenix Scorpion II”: Irak, ab Februar 1998

Operation “Phoenix Scorpion III”: Irak, ab November 1998

Operation “Phoenix Scorpion IV”: Irak, ab Dezember 1998

Operation “Desert Fox”: Irak, 16.12.1998 bis 20.12.1998

Operation “Joint Guard”: Bosnien-Herzegowina, 20.06.1998

Operation “Determined Falcon”: Kosovo/Albanien, 15.06.1998 bis 16.06.1998

Operation “Joint Forge”: ab 20.06.1998

Operation “Deliberate Forke”: Bosnien-Herzegowina, ab 20.06.1998

Operation “Deny Flight”: Bosnien, 12.04.1993 bis 20.12.1995


Operation “Eagle Eye”: Kosovo, 16.10.1998 bis 24.03.1999

Operation “Determined Force”: Kosovo, 8.10.1998 bis 23.03.1999


Operation “Sustain Hope/Allied Harbour”: Kosovo, ab 5.04.1999

Operation “Shining Hope”: Kosovo, ab 5.04.1999

Operation “Cobalt Flash”: Kosovo, ab 23.03.1999


Ok, so you didn't read my last scentence?

Buck Nasty
Buck Nasty

Whatever you say Adolf.There is no disrespecting gay,or black people in Germany{skinheads} or for that matter, Jews{Nazis}. I'm sure your logic will be greatly appreicated by the people of London that were bombed for 57 consecutive nights by the Luftwaffe,killing appox 15,000 {Europeans} & I'm sure they would love it in Poland & Russia, & the Baltic where millions of Jews were killed,they'll have a good laugh I'm sure.


How can you say "European Vogue"? Are you too dumbassish to know that there are a lot lot lot of countries in Europe? And as you can see, the front page is written in english, so there may be a chance that this is an english Vogue!

And always this scentence in movies "I will make my holidays in Europe!". Wow, so you will visit all 46 countries like

Albanien (Hauptstadt Tirana)

Andorra (Hauptstadt Andorra la Vella)

Belgien (Hauptstadt Brüssel)

Bosnien und Herzegowina (Hauptstadt Sarajevo)

Bulgarien (Hauptstadt Sofia)

Dänemark (Hauptstadt Kopenhagen)

Deutschland (Hauptstadt Berlin)

Estland (Hauptstadt Tallinn)

Finnland (Hauptstadt Helsinki)

Frankreich (Hauptstadt Paris)

Griechenland (Hauptstadt Athen)

Irland (Hauptstadt Dublin)

Island (Hauptstadt Reykjavík)

Italien (Hauptstadt Rom)

Kasachstan (Hauptstadt Astana)

Kroatien (Hauptstadt Zagreb)

Lettland (Hauptstadt Riga)

Liechtenstein (Hauptstadt Vaduz)

Litauen (Hauptstadt Vilnius)

Luxemburg (Hauptstadt Luxemburg)

Malta (Hauptstadt Valletta)

Mazedonien (Hauptstadt Skopje)

Moldawien (Hauptstadt Chişinău)

Monaco (Hauptstadt Monaco)

Montenegro (Hauptstadt Podgorica)

Niederlande (Hauptstadt Amsterdam)

Norwegen (Hauptstadt Oslo)

Österreich (Hauptstadt Wien)

Polen (Hauptstadt Warschau)

Portugal (Hauptstadt Lissabon)

Rumänien (Hauptstadt Bukarest)

Russland (Hauptstadt Moskau)

San Marino (Hauptstadt San Marino)

Schweden (Hauptstadt Stockholm)

Schweiz (Hauptstadt Bern)

Serbien (Hauptstadt Belgrad)

Slowakei (Hauptstadt Bratislava)

Slowenien (Hauptstadt Ljubljana)

Spanien (Hauptstadt Madrid)

Tschechien (Hauptstadt Prag)

Türkei (Hauptstadt Ankara)

Ukraine (Hauptstadt Kiew)

Ungarn (Hauptstadt Budapest)

Vereinigtes Königreich (Hauptstadt London)

Vatikanstadt (Hauptstadt Vatikanstadt)

Weißrussland (Hauptstadt Minsk)

That will take you some time. Good luck!

Start to THINK you stupid american guy. Yeah, I know you are proud to be american, like all you guys but what did you learn in school? How to use a gun or how Maria was a virgin, when she has given birth to Jesus? Or how to disrespect gay people or black or just people that don't like to make a war out of nothing? No, Hussei didn't have an atombomb. But its ok for you as long as it is your leader that makes the decisions. He can lie to you, you don't care. You just vote for him AGAIN!

We don't understand such things here in Germany. We regret our history and LEARNED from it!


I bet they told her what to wear though. I have seen her made up before and look not half as good. Its about time someone else is calling the shots at here photo shoots because she definitely can be HOT so long as she doesn't trust her own judgement. I would love to put a white stain on her black dress.


one of the only beautiful people in hollywood


I used to think she was ugly, but aside from fashion choices she's dead sexy

Buck Nasty
Buck Nasty

Hermafradite # 9 did not start this shit if was chicken fucker #6&7 , Give a little respect on a day of mourning. May the God of your choice pray for the victims & families of 9-11. May the sheep wedding,goat fucking, cowhumping cocksucker Bin Laden rot in your hell of choice. Remember our brother & sister police & firefighters who tried to save people of all nations who died that day. God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK & you guys too.


That dress is fabulous. I want one now.

Dustin Diamon
Dustin Diamon

She's looking a little fug in the first pic.


9. Just because a country is strong, doesn't mean it's people are beautiful. Plus you're threatening to ruin his country just because he stated his opinion about some actress? She's an actress, for God's sakes. That's not even a real job.

Anyways, back to Scarlett...I think she's looking her best in these pictures. Usually her photos are boring, but she looks beautiful in these. And I love her legs, too. She looks slim here (compared to paparazzi photos) and her body's fine, so I don't agree with calling her fat either. She's very overrated, but beautiful nonetheless.


another american fatty? ru kidding me? at least she hasnt starved herself into a concentration camp survivor like nicole richie & jessica alba. she looks gorgeous.


I'm with Serpico on this one. Pictures 4 and 5 are mighty fine. Mmmmmmmm.


No one can touch her, one time for natural and sensual beauty.

P.S. Aguilera SO wishes she was accomplishing what seems to come so easy to Scarlett.

Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby

Dear Little Lord Baby Jesus,

I just wanna thank-you for pictures 3,4,5. I do believe I'll have sufficient material to imagine these pictures when I'm doing deletrix's mom up the ass tonight. In fact these pictures are so nice, I won't even need the plastic bag.


P.S. Continue to bless Amurica.


this chick looks like my Ex...always ready for action....


Hey deletrix.... My country can kick your country's ass, so shut the fuck up and go back to doing whatever it is you dirty fob's do in your impoverished shithole of a country.

Buck Nasty
Buck Nasty

Deleted what the fuck do you like in women if that is fat you dumb mother fucker. Go chase a chicken at a cockfight pedro.


jus another americano fatty

caitie harmful
caitie harmful

Scarlett is phenominal. And kinky shoes are anything that she wears on those perfect feet of hers.


I guess i didn't realize how thin she is. she looks good in this shoot tho.


i never liked that girl before . I really never thought she was that hot but what amazing photographs can do . turn an average chick really awesome !


Again, pictures 4, and 5 are amazing.... I just wish I could see a little more of pic 5.


Wow, and here I was beginning to think her time had come and gone because I have been seeing her in such horrible outfits that make her ten times uglier than she really is. But this photoshoot really goes to show that she is still one of the finest women in Hollywood when she wants to be. Pictures 4, and 5 are amazing.