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Diane Neal & Friends – This Evening’s Bastardly Lesbian Sex Fantasy

And the Wiki says…

Diane Neal (born November 17, 1975 in Alexandria, Virginia) is an American actress widely known for her role as ADA Casey Novak on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. She also appeared in the Season Three episode “Ridicule” as female rapist, Amelia Chase, before joining the main cast as their ADA.

Neal’s family moved to Colorado when she was young. She attended college as a pre-medical major but dropped out to pursue a modeling career. Neal studied archaeology in Israel and Egypt. She was also a competitive ice skater at one point. Neal is the youngest of three sisters and has been married to Marcus Fitzgerald since July 9, 2005. [Wiki]

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Happy Bastardly Halloween Everyone!!! Playboy’s Tiffany Lang in Boobilicious Body Paint Needs to be Licked!

Many more Bastardly Costumes below! If you’re scheduled to wear a really slutty costume, please remember to send the photos to The Bastardly Photo Department. We will post the photos & have people vote on them. The winner gets a special prize!! Ow!!

Lindsay Lohan & Her Slutty Halloween Costume
Nude Heidi Klum Models Her Painted-on Halloween Costume. Yummy!
Playboy’s Michelle Johnson in her Body Paint Halloween Costume
Playboy’s Girls Next Door Model Slutty Halloween Costumes! Yay!
The Bastardly Remembers…Kelli Peters @ October 2005 Playboy Magazine Party
Slutty Socialite Prostitute Paris Hilton & Her Halloween Costume
Scarlett Johansson’s Halloween Costume is Sexary!

Bastardly Hasbeen Camera? Kate Winslet @ Little Children Premiere

From the Wikipedia:

Katherine Elizabeth Winslet (born October 5, 1975) is a BAFTA Award-winning English actress. She is noted for having played a wide range of diverse characters over her career. Though her best known role may be that of Rose DeWitt Bukater in the highest-grossing film of all time, Titanic (1997), she was also highly regarded for her first role as Juliet Hulme in Heavenly Creatures (1994).

Although Winslet has not won an Academy Award, she has been highly favoured by the Academy, and holds two records in that area: the youngest person to receive two Oscar nominations, and the most Oscar nominations of any actor before the age of 30 (having received a total of four nominations by that age). In addition, there have been only two occasions where two actors playing the same character have both been nominated for an Oscar; Winslet was a nominee in both instances.

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