Lady Victoria & Isabella Hervey Have Bastardly Lesbian Sex to Promote Mud Run

Yes, they’re sisters (just found that out. Damn it). And yes, it would be sick if you knew they were sisters, but most people (i.e. in the USA) would just see two blonde chicks doing a bathtub lesbo scene. I say, “GAME ONNNN!!!”

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#4 - Only BigPapi gets to say "i’d pee in their butts"..... sorry dude... get a life


"Color me unimpressed. I can see similar looking girls waiting in line at the post office. "

You mean you see similar gals at the local homeless shelter talking to their imaginary friend momo the pretty ballerina.


Someone wash them already!!! - they are nasty.


Color me unimpressed. I can see similar looking girls waiting in line at the post office.


the shorter blonde will be a sex slave to some Saudi's some day...she's got potential...


dirrrty, sexy royalty. awesome.


is it butt mud?


Yes yes yes..............You can see age is taking a toll on Lady Victoria, but Isabella Hervey looks nice and fresh.