Bastardly Hot or Not: Shana Hiatt @ Trump Vodka Launch Party

And the Wiki says…

Shana Hiatt (born 1975) is a model who has appeared in several magazines and posed nude for Playboy in their April 1995 issue. She is best known for covering the World Poker Tour on television.
Prior to being the hostess for the World Poker Tour, Hiatt was Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA in 1995. Hiatt represented Beach Haven, NJ after winning the local Hawaiian Tropic pageant at Touché nightclub in 1994. She was a Keystone Lite girl in 2002, and was named to Maxim Magazine’s “Hot 100 of 2005″ list.[1] Hiatt was a guest host of Wild On! featured on the E! network. She has also appeared in television shows and movies including Must Love Dogs. [Wiki]

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she kinda looks like alessandra ambrosio.

King biscuit
King biscuit


See. That's what happens when your pc is on the fritz, you thing that your posts haven't don't register and the internet gods wish to cruelly joke at your expense.





King biscuit
King biscuit

Attractive? Yes. Hot? No.

She also looks (slightly) like a combination of Louise Redknapp and Jodie Albert, which is no bad thing!!!

Firepenis that Neve Campbell with a different hair colour?))