Bastardly Breaking News!! Changing Up Servers Tonight!

In order to resolve major lag issues we’ve been having for the last couple months, we’ve decided to upgrade.

As w/ all the times we’ve moved shop in the past, the move will probably be rough. Our plan is to move our content at around 12AM EST, so there will be a period of 12 or so hours where comments will get posted on two different servers. Anyway, things SHOULD be back to normal come Monday.

While the Bastardly’s immediate future remains kinda shaky, the future of fashion is going strong. Here’s a photo of a line-up of future fashion mag covergirls who attended a party thrown by Intimissimi last November. Sadly, they all look pretty damn young.

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and oh yeah, remember to clear your cache, people!! there were somethings that were changed up :-)


ya, pretty much if you can see this, you're running off the new server :-))

w/ any move there will probably be problems, so if you see anything broken just leave a message or send an email :-)