About The Bastardly

We love all things that involve beauty, scandal, money, and of course, love. The Bastardly was first used to keep in touch w/ friends, but then one day it took a turn for celebrity filth. I’m pretty sure Paris Hilton was involved in some fashion.

After nearly three years of doing this filthy work, The Bastardly has grown to two offices in the United States, 20 employees & we’ve been mentioned on MTV, VH1, Maxim Magazine, E! Entertainment, FHM, CNN’s Situation Room w/ Wolfe Blitzer & Larry King Live (just to name a few). I’m kidding about Wolfe Blitzer, of course. Wolfe Blitzer is a money-grubbing whorebag & we’re against those types of people.

For those who’ve bothered to read this far down, we run two other sites which also contribute nothing important to this world: Buttafaces & Bastardly Interviews.