Bai Ling Allows Her Long Nipples to Smile for the Cameras!

From the official Bastardly Interview, here’s Bai Ling talkin’ about fashion…

Of course Armani is always elegant. Dolce & Gabana is colorful and modern. Roberto Cavallli is very free. Gucci is very chic. I like them in different way and I appreciate it but for me it’s more like, you know, when I’m playing a role it’s the director, art director, make-up, hair, or costume designer that make you look or dress a certain way like how they want it for the character of the movie. But in real life I’m free, I like to live the life I want to. I’m not caught up on anything. I dress in anything mixed together and I think in 2006 we’re all young and everything is free, people should dress how they want to and not get caught up this designer or that designer. I see on the red carpet there’s Armani and Dolce & Gabana but where are you? You disappeared. They’re great and I can wear them but I’m young, I want to have fun so I love to dress in a short skirt, it’s apart of my personality. I just need to match and put things together. It’s fun it being an individual and I don’t have to get caught up in any of it. I think all this is extra to me and I don’t need it. I think it’s a gift from others. [Read More…]