Nicole Scherzinger Bikini Photos From Hawaii! God Da-yummy!

She looks slightly butta w/out all her makeup, but Nic’s butta-status has been debated on here for a while now. Regardless of what’s underneath the brownbag, this girl’s obviously gets pretty wild when in the water & that can only mean positive things for what goes on back in the hotel room, behind closed doors. Ow!! And w/ that in hand, look for a Nicole Scherzinger sex tape to hit the Internet in ’07.

  • emmy

    she is my love she is so beautifull to me.

  • vinni

    i dont know what the fuck yall talkin bout what the fuck does butta mean all i know is i looked at the pic and thought dinner is served put a fork in it

  • anonimus01

    She’s beautyfull i think without make over so who don’t like she take care of photos.Your the best Nicole!!!

  • oink

    What a amazing beautiful;body…needs to pose in PLAYBOY magazine…Love to she her nude layout… Next pictures in PLAYBOY no questions… HOT AND SEXY~~!!!

    Support your local Wachenhut Security Guards this week~~!!!

  • Afrokid

    DAAAAMNNNNNNNNNNNN Page 2 Pic 1 wtf how did i miss THIS SHIT!?

  • aussiegrrrrrrrl

    Jealous ^_^

  • MissCaribbean

    Amazing body, beautiful complexon, curves, everything!