Bastardly Morning Report by The Hasbeen Sanjaya

He’s dancing w/ drag queens, so obviously, his downfall was quick & dirty!

- Brad Pitt Has Angelina on His Arm [DLISTED]

- Meet the Victoria Beckham Show [POPSUGAR]

- Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in a new movie? TOGETHER?!? [HOLLYWOOD REPORTER]

- Scarlett to play Mary, Queen of Scots [YAHOO!]

- The CW Network has cancelled a few popular shows [E! NEWS]

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People view the world through their own set of values and beliefs. Much to Sanjaya's credit, he saw nothing wrong with being associated with those different than him . . . he's non-judgemental, accepting, loving, and secure in his own sexuality.

So, say what you like, it doesn't change the fact that Sanjaya is not only a talented entertainer, he's an example more people in this world should follow.

It's unfortunate that "nice" doesn't sell as much or fast as "not nice".