The Bastardly Morning Report From Buenos Aires, Arg

Blurry photos of Argentine chicks from our last trip to Buenos Aires in November, 2006.

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Bastardly Travels – Buenos Aires Trip #2! Ow!
The Bastardly will celebrate the 4th of July in Buenos Aires, Argentina, so if you’re in the city, please get a hold of us via email. We’ll probably throw a party in one of the restaurants (possibly El Alamo like we did last November) & would love to share a few words with you. And yes, we understand it’s winter over there, but the delicious food & friendly people compelled us to head back.

Anyway, if all goes as planned, you won’t even notice that we’ve left the building. Between Jackson & myself, we’ve scheduled plenty of delicious goodies to keep our fellow bastards busy! If you want anything which isn’t too hard to carry (Argentine girls are out of the question—Jackson tried once already!), head to the contact page & make a request. Depending on your loyalty, we’ll see if we can hook it up!

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Sullen Girl
Sullen Girl

These pictures are good for what they are. He probably didn't want to use the flash on too many of the shots so as not to have his stealthy photo-maneuvers discovered. It's very hard to get a steady non flash shot of someone walking by when you're walking by them ;) I myself have blown many a photo opportunity of a passer-byer by turning off the flash so as to remain inconspicuous.

Also: That guy in the red shirt on page three looks like an evil squirrel. Nice.

kirk the jerk
kirk the jerk

well... im pretty positive a blind kid, sitting in the rain, with one hand on his ankle could have easily drawn better pics of BA then this.


Yeah... no offense... but these pictures really blow. Hope you take some better ones on this trip.


Somebody needs to teach y'all how to use a camera.