Bastardly Breaking News!! Kat Von D Dating a Homeless Dude!

These were snapped @ Rolling Stone Magazine’s “Hot List” party in Hollywood

So, who the hell is this dude? After a little Googling around, we discovered it’s Alex “Orbi” Orbison, a drummer for the band Whitestarr. Whitestarr’s lead singer is none other than Cisco Adler (used to sleep w/ Mischa Barton). I’m pretty sure this Orbi dude also got his slimey hands on Mischa’s meaty legs one night after Cisco brought her back to his place all drunk & wasted.

  • Ruby

    It’s Roy Orbison’s son. I’m surprised there is no mention of that…Roy Orbison a hell of a lot more famous than Kat von D..

    • bryanzee

      Had to google him and damn you must be old.

  • bryanzee

    She’s fat now =/ 
    She was actually semi-decent when she was skinny, her body is not the right type to put on weight, it all goes to her tummy and makes her ass look even flatter then it already is.