Alessandra Ambrosio & Her Boyfriend: The Morning After

It looks like Jaime Mazer is still going strong w/ Ale…Bastard.

If you missed it, these two were seen making out @ Cafe de la Musique in Southern Brazil city of Floripa on New Year’s Eve. These pics look like they were taken the morning after their 10-hour long tantric sex session.

  • thebiggestbastard

    true true love

  • d55

    word! it is all about the U! that pic was taken when we played at the OB for the last time…where we lost to Virginia…it was like 0-42…fucking embarrassing haha but we are over it, I guess.

    oh my god, stop posting my pix, sera hahahaha

  • Koolio

    I see Turkey as possibly being my next vacation destination… I sent my parents there last year and had no idea what I was missing out on!

  • d55

    ^ ah no way…where are you from originally?

  • Ugly Bear

    Too skinny.

  • Bobbles

    Turkey seems nice. Just heard on the news though that there was a bomb explosion. Is it still good to go?

  • Koolio

    I’m Asian but from the OC…