• Buck Nasty

    She needs some ass-plants.

  • ACE

    If you look at some of the pics, her face resembles Jessica Alba’s depending on the angle.

    I don’t care if she doesn’t fill out a pair of jeans like some woman. She’s perfect in a hot girl next door way.

  • bigdog

    I am with Vino. She is fucking wonderful. I would fuck her bare back even if she told me she had AIDS.

  • Goliano

    That’s a damn shame.

  • Vino

    She’s 21 years old. The beginning of the end for a young woman. 19 years old is still the peak age. After that it’s all downhill. And whatever with the flat ass bullshit. This no-talent bitch is highly fuckable. I doubt any of you would take umbrage with her ass if it was sitting on your face. Get this bitch naked motherfuckers and have a party is what I say.

  • Raven11

    Zero ass + missionary position = ball burns. She is very pretty otherwise.

  • My ass is still smaller.

  • Goliano

    @16 – Even more of a damn shame.

  • bestdivx

    Shes an eyetalian?

  • Phillip McCracken

    wow this fucking useless whore is still around? wonder who shes fucking to stay famous…

  • oh my god…she has no ass whatsoever…it’s like her back continues to her legs

  • MissCaribbean

    No curves, no ass ( obviously) average face, horrible hair,and most importantly, uneducated ( at least that is how she portrays herself), but yet they still like her, damn simply don’t understand it.

  • JumpingIsUseless

    She’s looking pretty cute here. Girl next door cuteness.

  • Paul

    B.P.A.C. LMAO!

  • jr

    she has thick thighs, but a flat ass…i have the opposite, a thicker booty with slimmer thighs…she looks good though, maybe it’s just her jeans

  • Dat_Dood

    g a r b a g e . . .

  • One comment to end them all

    Looks like she’s a real bitch. Pass.

  • the kitten

    it must suck to have a flat ass….

  • Pak31

    I would classify her as a girl next door or a little better. She’s cute but not drop dead beautiful. I like the fact that she seems happy and smiles for the camera. Unlike some others who camera hog or act fake etc. So what if she has no hips, there is more to life than hips.