Kate Hudson Bikini Pictures Show Off Booty!

Kate Hudson pregnant?

Kate Hudson’s brother Oliver has shot down rumors the actress is pregnant with her second child.

Reports about a baby for the Almost Famous star began circulating in February with tabloids even speculating about who the father could be.

But actor Oliver Hudson insists his sister is not with child.

He says, “I will squash that right now. She is absolutely 100 per cent not pregnant.” Source

  • Mundo

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  • anfan

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  • ernesto

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    probably a AA cup

    she should really think about an upgrade

  • My Cock Is Throbbing

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  • Lili

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  • d54

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  • d54

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  • filefactory

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  • Kill Perez

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  • ACE

    I’m not a fan of hers, but that is a great ass.

  • Bugs on the Windshielf

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  • Phillip McCracken

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  • Tapper

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  • Bolt Uprite

    Wow. Nice bod, NO stretch marks?

  • king biscuit

    Looks fine as she is. No augmentation needed.

  • RockHard


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  • Mr. Prince

    @#2 about small tits and low body fat: have you ever noticed a girl named Laetitia Casta…

  • John of the Thomas

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  • rich

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  • sue

    actually, you can be thin with big boobs if you have dense breasts. I used to be scary skinny and had a Cplus cup (non pushup size..lol)
    I’m now healthy and chubby with a D..I also have chubby legs but oh well..I guess I love all of me..lol

  • chuchutrainbitch

    so i guess Adri is fat cause she has no mosquito bites? enlighten me #4

  • LB

    #12 Laetitia Casta doesn’t really have low body fat. Compared to the average american, yeah, but her weight is exceptionally “healthy” for a model. Anyways, breast size is USUALLY correlated to body fat because breasts are made up of fat. duh.

  • Bjs Painting

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