Bastardly Fashion Rating: Roselyn Sanchez @ “Body Language Sportswear” Launch Party

These were snapped in Sherman Oaks, CA

Scarlett Johansson vs. Roselyn Sanchez : Who’s Hotter In HDTV?

In round one of the LCD division of HDTV Hottie Hysteria — our first annual elimination tournament to determine the hottest female star in high-def — we pit Johansson (first seed in the LCD division) against Sanchez (eighth seed).

(Angelina Jolie defeated Keira Knightley in yesterday’s first round action in the Plasma division. To learn more about our tournament — and see past results — click Hottie Hysteria.) [TV Predictions]

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Kill Perez
Kill Perez

Dude. Nice sports jacket and Payless Shoe Source Vans knockoffs. You must have hit the BOGO sale. In Hollywood, men dress like this. In my town, this would render a severe beating.


She's got a nice smile..body ain't to bad either, but I thought she had bigger boobs last time I saw her...and to guess what they're going to do when they get home,....hummm, play checkers?