• belgradar

    would it be wrong to say i just finished masterbating twice to ambers photos?

  • Douche Baggery

    Gabriella for the WIN!

  • Douche Baggery

    I mean Grabrielle… I accidently wrote Gabriella, it’s my ex’s name.

  • DrTentacle

    Gabrielle wins the shortbus week. In any other week, she would have lost for bad pics and a bit of the butta. Points for the best answers.

    Seriously WORST week ever. Epic fail.

    Hey should there be a BTOTM.. and BLOTY?

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    Gabrielle all the way…

  • fjnfgx

    i vote for the guy. lets encourage more guys to submit!

  • adriana

    i should be a bastardly lady of the day check out my pics just type adriana estrella

  • Dina

    I voted for Gabrielle. 🙂

  • johny rotten

    gabrielle even though some of the last pics were pretty fucking ugly

  • Leni

    I vote for the man 🙂

  • adriana

    check me out if i can be bastardly lady of the day http://www.supermodels/adrianaestrella

  • Molly

    Gaby FTW, though I loved JIU as well.

  • JumpingIsUseless

    I voted for Renee because she doesn’t look like just about every other BLOTD to submit their pics. Amber would have won hands down if she had stopped at page one but since that spine shot is now haunting my dreams, no dice. It would also be a little egomaniacal to vote for wednesday so Renee it is.

  • One comment to end them all

    Gabrielle, obviously.
    C’mon – like there was ANY point in even asking this week ya bastards…

  • DAMAGE Inc.

    Gabrielle…..NO DOUBT!!!!!! only cuz of her KNOCKERS!!!!!!! Got milk?

  • TheExpatriot

    Renee all the way. She looks like my little brother in drag.

  • Leni

    ^^ adriana you’re ok but if you do want to apply for a BLotD, send in candids, not professional pics (just a suggestion 🙂