Lindsay Lohan Does Super Heroes in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

These come from the Spring, 2008 issue

And in completely unrelated news…Lindsay Lohan blasts Calum Best for sex video

After viewing the porn-style photo on the Internet, Lindsay, according to her pals, made a number of abusive phone calls to George Best”s lothario son. “I can’t believe you would ever f***ing do this to me, I should have listened to everyone,” the Sun quoted a source, who overheard the rant, as saying. “I should never have f***ing trusted you,” the source said Lindsay screamed.

Lindsay, who was screaming on the phone for a very long time, had to leave another voicemail to satisfy her and continue her abusive outburst. “It’s everywhere now, all over the net, everyone’s seen it, how f***ing could you?” the source revealed Lindsay as having questioned Best. [Source]

Wait a minute! I thought that video turned out to be a fake?! What the hell?