Lindsay Lohan Does Super Heroes in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

These come from the Spring, 2008 issue

And in completely unrelated news…Lindsay Lohan blasts Calum Best for sex video

After viewing the porn-style photo on the Internet, Lindsay, according to her pals, made a number of abusive phone calls to George Best”s lothario son. “I can’t believe you would ever f***ing do this to me, I should have listened to everyone,” the Sun quoted a source, who overheard the rant, as saying. “I should never have f***ing trusted you,” the source said Lindsay screamed.

Lindsay, who was screaming on the phone for a very long time, had to leave another voicemail to satisfy her and continue her abusive outburst. “It’s everywhere now, all over the net, everyone’s seen it, how f***ing could you?” the source revealed Lindsay as having questioned Best. [Source]

Wait a minute! I thought that video turned out to be a fake?! What the hell?

  • concubine

    cleans up nicely BUT- looks a million times better with red hair. I love red hair and am willing to sue if you dye it.

  • Mundo

    And what’s linday’s super power? I got a pretty good idea, but I shall just keep it to myself for now.

  • MissCaribbean

    I liked her more as a red head

  • lsdkfjodfj

    i love the pics

  • JumpingIsUseless

    That cape costs $1,540?!She’s definitely better as a redhead; of course I say that about just about everyone.

  • Sparks

    She looks 35.

  • svetlana

    I think her face is capable of being really pretty. she has a great nose-never photographs badly, ever. but she has a gross figure and skin, not to mention her face usually looks beat. it’s a shame.

  • twinkle

    i think this is a big improvement from the other one where she appeared naked. she looks so much better with clothes on. i even like the way they did her hair here. and she looks good.

  • Smacky

    I love Lohan

  • neo geisha

    I think she’s beautiful and has a natural sex appeal
    last weekend I watched (again) “I know who killed me” I love the pole dancing scene, she’s very sexual
    I don’t like concept of this photo shoot

  • Richard-Schlichting

    You’ll need more than a hero until end of tonight and in the morning light…Dye your hair red again.
    Nice hint at the end that you want to be wonder woman. Good luck….I’d rather see Megan….Still can’t remember the…Aha! Megan Fox….I’d rather see Megan Fox get that role….Wonder Woman doesn’t have to have a massive chest….and Megan’s shoulders are to die for!

  • Mandingo

    I believe it was Calum Best who blasted Lindsay first, in the face.

  • Some Guy

    What a stupid photoshoot. Lohan looks so old and used up. All the comic book-style captions stink of trying too hard.

  • ass

    lohan never dissapoints

  • Phillip McCracken

    LOVE the captain america one….

  • Phrack

    Those Super Heroes look Super Retarded to me.

  • B.

    i think lindsay lohan does pretty much anyone/everyone
    why would it be different for super heroes??hehehehe

  • EvilSamurai

    She never was attractive and will always be a fat-faced ginger with no talent whatsoever. She is a waste of oxygen.

  • Anonymoose

    Supergirl looks hot. This reminds me of a Late Show with David Letterman skit where he kept sending more guys dressed up as superheroes into a donut shop to stand in line. The funniest thing was how all the other customers did not find this at all unusual.

  • ACE

    @ Richard – I totally disagree…Megan Fox could never pull off wonder woman. I love her, but it wouldn’t work. Kate Beckinsale would be the best wonder woman and Lindsay would be my second choice.

  • One comment to end them all

    Yea I bet she’s “done” lots of men in tights in her time…

  • lotte

    i dont particularly like lindsay lohan but those are some cool photos. if it was scarlett johanssen, or some other celeb i have a little more respect for, i would put them on my wall. they’re pretty artistic

  • Blickerfield93277

    pretty but not bad 🙂

  • madie

    she looks pretty decent here.