Sexy Camilla Belle @ 2008 Sony Ericsson Open Kickoff Party

The Sony Ericsson sponsored tennis tournament is being held Miami, FL. Check out the official site for more info.

And, as for Ms. Belle, she could wear a trash bag & still look slammin’! You go girl!!

  • enchillada

    She looked like Bob Marley in 10000 BC and yes, the movie sucked ass.

  • Mundo

    Looking Damn Good….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • concubine

    She has very pretty eyes

  • DirtyBastard

    there was a fly in my room and it landed on her nipple, dead on, stayed on the thing for like 5 seconds

  • MelodicDeathMetal

    She is gorgeous, but the fringe needs to go

  • Avenging Fist of Mediocrity

    #2 You mean she could be hotter? If she were any hotter my eyes would probably explode out of my head Tex Avery style!

    Life must be so good when you are a hot chick. I mean, I cool being a dude and all, but there must be an incredible moment in every hot chick’s life somewhere between the ages of 13 and 18 when she looks in the mirror and suddenly realizes “I am gorgeous so I can pretty much do whatever I want!” That has got to be a very good feeling, you know?

    Of course, the trade off comes about 20 to 30 years later when you realize that you can literally see your meal ticket wither and wrinkle away in that same mirror every day. That has to be a scary ass feeling.

    It is so awesome that us guys just get distinguished looking as we age.

  • DrTentacle

    btw I was fapping to these pics, and I eventually saw a schooner in that dress. wRoR!

  • Avenging Fist of Mediocrity

    Picture number 5 is the “I can have whatever the hell I want” look.

    Notice the sense of security it gives her…

  • Douche Baggery


  • Missy

    Very pretty!

  • Richard-Schlichting

    She’s pretty, but you probably need a hedge trimmer to touch up those eyebrows.

  • junglegirl

    Ohhhhhhhh I love that dress

  • Ana

    whoops sorry for the double post. thing was being slowww

  • Eve

    @ 30. I know that. Society requires women to be young forever, with disastrous results (*cough* Nicole Kidman) and tend to be understanding or more reasonable with men on the same matter (because every single society around the world is sexist anyway).

    *I’m cool. Today I’m feeling good.

  • Furuncle

    She was pretty as a teenager but not so much now. She’s like a Cro-Magnon Anne Archer, or maybe — because of the bangs — the poor man’s Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

  • Douche Baggery

    She looks like Golgo 13’s long lost daughter though.

    You see what I mean?

  • Douche Baggery
  • Ana

    Avenging fist of mediocrity:

    Men do not get “distinguished” looking with age! Are you kidding me?
    Men and Women both age the same and at least some old women can still look good because they can at least fix themselves up (makeup, hair, clothes, etc) but men have no hope…

  • Eve

    Her dress is giving me headache…

  • Avenging Fist of Mediocrity

    #23 Yeah, the world is full of hot old women… If I had a nickel for each of’em I could easily buy me a candy bar.

  • EvilSamurai


  • twinkle

    she should do something with those eyebrows, and the hair isn’t great. she’s a really hot girl.

  • Eve

    @ 11 and 25. Aging is a bitch to everyone, man. That last part of your comment # 11 was a very male chauvinistic statement (I agree with the first three paragraphs though).

  • Ana

    hahaha men do not get distinguished looking when they age. I said that we all age the same but at least women can fix themselves up a bit more then men to look better.

    No need to be bitter- Your mother, sisters, and wife won’t be women who can contribute in your savings to buy a candy bar.

  • Avenging Fist of Mediocrity

    #28 Eve, relax. I am joking. Truth is age turns on all into Ernest Borgnine and that sucks for everyone. However, it is easier for men (as many of us look like Ernest Borgnine to begin with…. Ernest Borgnine would be a perfect example of this phenomenon).