Audrina Patridge @ Kenneth Cole Celebrates The Awearness Fund Event

So, does anyone really give a shit that Playboy wants to do a real photoshoot w/ this chick now?! It’s like seeing Kim Kardashian or Paris naked—just not worth the dough.

  • Blickerfield93277

    damn, im starting like this chick as well to the others u r right now or not the moment, but she looks like she looking up in space, but i’ll be looking below.. lol

  • Smacky

    Hell yea I wanna see the goods again, every night in my bed. World class bod on this one.

  • Cherrypie22

    that girl looks stoned as hell…

  • One comment to end them all

    The eyes! Argh! On pic 5 she almost looks into the camera but… no.

  • conwayfreight55704985

    she never looks at the camera… probably theres over 20 photographers using flash…

  • Momma’s Boy

    Pretty face and, oh, what a fantastic body! Get her naked, bed her, and impregnate her! Audrina, you’re totally hot!