• Hallery

    I like her shoes on the first page a lot.

  • Smacky

    Why did I even click on this one…

  • Ray Angel

    She still has the nicest ass in the world.

  • Rambo, John J.

    The photos would be better if my cock was in her mouth

  • d_jologs

    justin just quickened her fall into mediocrity…poor girl

  • One comment to end them all

    Bwah! Just how many hours of airbrushing were required for this set – 1,000,000?

  • Courtney

    How much money did it cost to photoshop this shoot?? This bitchs skin is not that tan and smooth. Nice try though Cameron

  • Guillermo

    Notice how her face isn’t towards the camera in some of the shots? Photographer knew what was best.

  • Eve

    I love the shoes.

  • Your Mama

    Oh holy power of photoshop.

  • omega

    nice shoes
    great wardrobe

    that’s it

  • Phillip McCracken

    thank god for photoshop eh Cameron?

  • EvilSamurai


  • ball of doom

    you know eating this subway sandwich, I actually put vinegar on this one and damn, I love it. I used to didn’t see why people put things like vinegar and dressing on certain sandwiches, but damn now its a must.

    Oh, cameron, she alright, her skin don’t look like that though. I guess this is what happens

  • BlueElement2k

    Cock Teasing For a Century! I still want her 🙁

  • Sophia

    Even with photo shop I still wouldn’t shag this chick in a million years.

  • Tom

    British magazine?

    This cameraman should be immediately knighted.

  • Ugly Model

    The body still looks hot though.

  • Nocturna

    photoshop was invented by ugly people

  • Ilja

    Looking at the candids and then this, it must be 90% photoshop,

  • pstroyer

    Photoshop or not, these pictures still suck. Her face looks busted.

  • Pamela Susan Courson

    Cameron the camera whore looked perfect in: The Mask, those beautiful eyes of hers. But she nearly allways plays a slutty type in her movies.

  • paddyk

    Lot of jealous bitches on this post….meeow!

  • Shelz

    OMG ! I have never heard such a bunch of A/Hole comments. Give me a break, if you had that body and her money you’d all be same. And as for “ugly” or “I wouldnt shag her” come on, are you kidding, you guys could only wish someone like this would be even the tiniest bit interested in you. It must be hard being perfect hey. Jealousy is a curse.

    Good on ya Cameron, you go girl !

  • lynn

    Sometimes fat people look o.k. and skinny people can be ugly like Iggy Pop. Cameron Diaz is definately ugly she will probably never have a baby either. Because she knows it will make her ugliness worse. And what are you talking about this is the first time I’ve seen equal negative comments from both men and women. And I bet Justin Timberlake still dont like her after these pics.

  • phant0m1

    She looks hot..most of the bad remarks are from fat people
    who are one donut away from a coronary anyhow.