Maria Sharapova vs Anna Kournikova: A Bastardly Ruskie Hotties Matchup

McPerv writes:

Would be interesting to have a vote of Bastardlies on which they prefer, as shown in this pic of Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova. [E-mail]

  • RichardD

    Maria, but because of the sex grunts 🙂

  • Smacky

    Both @ the same time & I’d tape it

  • L.e.t.í.c.i.a


  • Jeffy

    Tough choice.
    I think I like maria now, but Anna was better in her prime.

  • Big Meech

    This is a no brainer. Anna all the fucking way.

  • Anon1

    Anna by a wider margin than she would lose on the court.

  • ass

    sharapova is 6’2, I’d climb that tree for sure

  • me


  • RockHard

    Get Serious – Anna is so much hotter than EVERY sports Chick, they are all fighting for a distant 2nd place

  • One comment to end them all

    What happened? Complete reversal here. I had to actually choose Anna. wtf

  • ninja…

    hehe, the bastardly bod cam is swaying me.

    bwah…fuck it!

    i think they should get in those sexy tennis oufits…and just play each other for the rest of their lives…cameltoes and all…*wink* *wink*…*nudge* *nudge*…*say no more*…

  • Fuck The Law

    No fucking contest here. Maria wins hands down. Anna has to be the most over-rated sportswoman in the past decade, easily (in the looks department anyway). She’s good looking, but fuck, there are far better looking birds out there playing on the tour, past and present.

  • w

    anna n maria both … i feel both these women should get naked and play tennis for the rest of their lives … the whole world would watch..but anna is better for sex… maria is tight n is extremely sexy with her grunts and screams as the dick rips in and out of her pussy…