Bastardly Week in Review – March 31st

Last week I started with a definition of what it is to be bastardly. To this twinkle said “i’m glad i didn’t ever say ‘i don’t care what people think’ or i’d be embarrassed by now. Haha.” So I figured I needed a clarification. What I was talking about is when people say “I don’t care what anyone thinks” I call this the “Reality TV show confessional utterance” and it is a complete lie, and un-bastardly. It is, however, very bastardly to care what some people think but not others. And it is especially bastardly to be as capricious as possible with your care.
This isn’t really as interesting as I thought it would be, but I’m leaving it in because I don’t care what anyone thinks.

  • MrPinchy

    Nothing like going out with a bang. Any reference to Camus is a winner in my book. Good work.

  • One comment to end them all

    The same can be said about Hogan’s daughter. Runs in the family.

    We want moar bastardly twinkle wisdom.

  • Richard-Schlichting

    I guess to get in Dostoevsky range he would have needed to say:
    “There’s really no point in anything we do, and my liver is dying.”

    BTW…Sisyphus wants to know if anyone else can take the rock for a few rounds.