Bastardly Week in Review – March 31st

All right enough about me here are some of the comments that caught my attention this week

So two from Mike Litoris this week he seems to be doing all the heavy lifting around here, the rest of you bastards need to keep up!

22. Mike Litoris
I’m a huge Stern fan but Howard’s gonna get Heather Milled by this skank.

17. Mike Litoris
She’s [Cameron Diaz] starting to look all crystal methy.

belgradar doesn’t seem to like the “Guess Who?” posts
6. belgradar
god i fucking hat these guess whos that are on every site these days its so like saying talk to the hand!!!

You know what I’m going to say about your complaint right belgradar?
Right? You know right?

DrTentacle also a very funny dude

3. DrTentacle
She’s[Linda Cardellini] prettier when she tries to be ugly.
Glamour isn’t working for her.
Be ugly, dammit.

14. LaLa
I’ve Never understood the obsession with this one[Salma Hayek]. strange face. Although not bad for 41.

LaLa I can only assume that you are from some strange country where “never” means completely; “strange” means heart-stoppingly beautiful; and “not bad” means awesome.

I really didn’t want to give any ink to the Uncertified Bastards, but this comment about Meana Suvari is one of the funniest comments I’ve seen on the Bastardly in a long time

36. Long Island (Uncertified Bastard)
I bet Hulk Hogan looks exactly the same from behind w/ a thong on.

  • MrPinchy

    Nothing like going out with a bang. Any reference to Camus is a winner in my book. Good work.

  • One comment to end them all

    The same can be said about Hogan’s daughter. Runs in the family.

    We want moar bastardly twinkle wisdom.

  • Richard-Schlichting

    I guess to get in Dostoevsky range he would have needed to say:
    “There’s really no point in anything we do, and my liver is dying.”

    BTW…Sisyphus wants to know if anyone else can take the rock for a few rounds.