• jjm

    So that is what 0% bodyfat looks like! I guess she has some or she wouldn’t have boobs! I’d hit it and play quarters on her tummy while I was between beers!

  • Mundo

    Nice love handles, but most of all she’s got a nice pooper…lol, sorry but I believe I stole that word from somebody here…

  • Blickerfield93277

    holy! she tight!

  • damnable

    yeah, she’s fit. yeah. well formed. yeah.

  • Ugly Model

    Looks very athletic, just imagine the possibilities.

  • Arion




  • Arion

    14 is that good or bad ? i canĀ“t tell

  • RyaNAKED

    i’d tear that @#$@ up

  • omega

    Nice abs, nice curves, nice skin
    never heard of her, but not bad

  • Grinder

    Her nipple just keeps staring at me no matter where I go in the room!

  • Stone Cold

    Thats one hot, in shape body. I’d let her keep my ears warm with those thighs any time she wanted too.

    And thats the bottom line…..

  • camalamadingdong

    i love her everything. even her feet are sexy.

  • camalamadingdong

    and i love the muffin shot in Pic 8.

  • francois-antoine

    Thats the body angelina use to have in her tomb raider days.

  • john

    she looks like she would enjoy stomping on your balls with her high heels
    not that i’m into that or anything
    cause that is kinda sick…

  • matso

    I see dozens of women who look just like her . . . every time I pass through Utopia.

    What I don’t understand is the ‘tramp stamp’. Her physique is divine artistry. Does she think her little ink doodle is an embellishment? If you want to stain your skin, you should (at the very least) try to be artistic about it! Graffiti isn’t an improvement, it’s a defacement.

  • matso

    (I’m waiting for Caitie to show us her ‘sleeve’. I’m willing to bet she can illustrate the difference between “serious art” and adolescent silliness).

    Just a hunch . . . bet I’m right.

  • Jbonks

    Umm.. your a fucking idiot. Her name is Pinkham. Who ever does this site is a complete twat. Thank you.

  • Ali

    she looks good from far away, but really old and wrinkly up close

  • Larry B.

    She looks like Kate Beckinsale on drugs. No thanks.

  • Larry B.

    ^Well her face does at least.

  • JTchicago

    Nice bod, Abs are killer. But that mouth has a Sly Stalone laziness to it which is creepy.

  • Paul

    She looks about ten years older than she really is. Still, she has a nice bod,…for now.

  • filefactory

    Wait this is the middle east?
    I thought you get the death penalty if you wear a bathing suit, no?

  • john

    filefactory it’s Dubai
    Dubai is what Monaco would be if McDonald’s bought it