Alexa Vega @ “Remember The Daze” Premiere

Alexa Vega: In a “Daze”

You probably remember 19-year-old actress Alexa Vega as a very young teen in the Spy Kids films or maybe you caught her later on in the high school comedy Sleepover. Alexa is growing up very nicely and is taking on a more adult look in various indie films. She’s still working her music and played Penny Pingleton on Broadway in “Hairspray” last year. She plays hot to trot Holly, a 1999 high schooler cruising for older guys in the slice of life indie Remember the Daze. Alexa’s original dark good looks have lightened up with a flattering streaked, blondish “do”. Source

  • Caitie Harmful

    That outfit is too old for her.

  • neo geisha

    she looks a little bit like lindsay…
    pretty and sexy, very cute

  • Richard-Schlichting

    One of my favorites. I think the blouse is kind of cute…Reminds me of Anne of Green Gables and Megan Follows….Man I loved Megan Follows.

  • betty_rocker

    Well, I’ll be damned, I have nothing snarky to say. What a sweet-looking, respectable young lady. Maybe stay out of the sun? She’s really a cutie. Hope she keeps a low profile and stays off the smack.

  • Doug

    She’s come (gigiddy) a long way since her Spy Kids days.

  • Phillip McCracken

    u know, what Caitie Said is true….she seems to generally wear alot of stuff that my grandmother would wear.

    she looks very pretty tho, have to admit. shes growing up nicely.

  • higdonius

    she looks like a goddamn librarian. just needs the glasses.

  • ow.

    cute. she lookd kinda old for 19 though.

  • aelia

    i love u alexa.she is so sweet.but not in this pic

  • Dr. Smooth

    I want this girl so bad it’s not funny.