David Spade Sampled Some Kelly Carlson After The 2008 Miss USA After Party

That bastard son of a bitch.

The dude uses his fame & fortune to get some seriously fine ass. From attending kinky parties @ the Playboy mansion to hitting on unsuspecting, fame hungry chicks @ the Miss USA after party, D. Spade knows where to get them young & hot. Damn him to hell.

  • Mundo

    she’s looking good, from where I’m standing…

  • the sheepprofessor

    That bastard.

  • Smacky

    There is no way he got any of this, no way. And if so, using the same equation I would be getting Ale, Adri, & every chick in the last Swimsuit issue at the same time.

  • king biscuit

    She is pretty hot, nice figure.
    I liked his character in ‘Just shoot me’ the few times that I managed to see it.

  • Honey

    Its funny he gets so much *female* ass cuz just looking at him, seeing him on SNL and watching his movies…I kinda thought he was gay.

    He lets off that gay vibe to me (not that theres anything wrong with that of course)

  • Honey

    Oh and I always thought Kelly should lose that hairstyle…It ages her.

  • d_jologs

    kelly is hot…

  • Daenerys

    Wow, she’s 32? Your right Leni she looks way older than that. I can’t believe that I’m older than her? Oh well she still has it going on.

  • Phillip McCracken

    i wouldnt be surprised…dont like celebrity women love this dude?

    wasnt he dating like Pamela Anderson and like Heather Locklear?

  • britt87

    he soo didn’t get get any of that!!

  • Sophia

    She does look older than 32, but she’ still right fit.

    And he is the man. I would definetly do him; he has that dry humour that I find appealing.

  • Glimmer

    avenging fist…..i was able to frisk spade……. oh no. 😉

  • jamieson

    ^^^^ thats fucking hilarious.
    anyway this chick is hot, body is absolutely slammin’

  • Moelicious

    Ball of doom: “DAMN THIS BITCH IS UGLY!”

    Dude, stop smoking crack!! This chick has got what it takes to get to the top—at least on top of me! Ow!

  • Avenging Fist of Mediocrity

    #18 I thought so! That makes it all so clear now… Next target on my checklist: Scott Baio.

  • Carolyn

    I worked on NT and her boyfriend (at the time?) was waayy hot. Tan, Dark hair… tasty! There’s no way she’s with Spade.

  • Avenging Fist of Mediocrity

    The more I look at this picture, the more it all comes together…

    Check out Spade: tussled hair, crappy mustache and beard, weathered, plaid shirt… the dude is a middle name away from being a serial killer.

    It kind of rolls off the tongue: David Wayne Spade, convicted sex offender, is the prime suspect in a series of brutal slayings that have terrorized LA.

    I can totally hear that being read by a CNN anchor…

  • digglesworth

    i’d tap it on her forehead. fock, my kimber real doll is virtually useless. spade can dig it. get it?* spade*? dig it?* i’ve done worse tho.