Taylor Swift Looked Sexy @ 2008 CMT Music Awards

Taylor Swift Wins Top Prize at CMT Music Awards

Adolescent country singer Taylor Swift received the top honor at Monday’s Country Music Television Awards, with “Our Song” being declared the video of the year.

The 41st annual CMA Awards took place in Nashville, Tenn. on Monday, April 14. The event, the only fan-voted awards show in country music, was televised on Country Music Television from Belmont University’s Curb Event Center.

Former “American Idol” contestant Kellie Pickler was the belle of the ball, with three trophies won last night for her single “I Wonder,” while the 18-year-old Taylor Swift, who spent much of the night barefoot, won the top award – video of the year – for her hit “Our Song.” [eFluxMedia]

  • EvilSamurai

    She looks inbred.

  • Ugly Model

    Slutty tat but I guess the whole package would look good naked.

  • Hugh G Rection

    I would nail that long hard and deep.

  • ninja…

    at least country music has some bitches worth looking at again…i mean reba mcentire and that one bitch thats proud about shopping at wal-mart…was the epitome of fug…

  • Larry B.

    No thanks hun.

  • Missy

    She’s pretty, but she doesn’t really do anything for me.

  • One comment to end them all

    Missing something on the tittage front.

  • John of the Thomas

    No idea who she is. Looks like a mouse.

  • jjm

    I hope she doesn’t go all Kellie Pickler on her breasts! We need a few A-cups to appreciate the B, C, and D Cups!

  • bootyluva

    i like her

  • luv-em-all

    a. Emma Watson has a whole lot on her!!
    b. I want to fill her full of rock and roll juice.

  • AshleyDuh

    #11 – It’s not real.

  • me

    Nice body, but her eyes scare me. They’re tiny and mean looking. I prefer big, expressive, feminine eyes!

  • gabriella

    nah…she’s just too young and too cute to be sexy

  • Blickerfield93277

    i listened to her music, it was okay an fine, and yes, thats nothing wrong w/ being skinny, thats for losers an haters! so, HA!! she damn “OW” sexy!

  • Anonymoose

    I see no resemblance between this young lady and the very funny Julia Duffy. Or are you comparing her to Mary Frann? And thank you for bringing back some bitter memories. As much as I thought Julia Duffy was cute and funny, I was never quite happy that it came at the expense of replacing the very attractive Jennifer Holmes.

  • Ella M.

    I don’t get why people compare her to emma watson. Emma’s an actress and Taylor’s a singer. DiFfErEnT!!!
    Personally Emma’s like, my idol. She’s beuatiful & a great actress, I love her!
    But I really love, love, love, Taylor’s music, and she’s pretty pretty too.

  • Ella M.

    I really want curly hair! Mine’s just kinda wavy…

  • Ahab

    I want to ejaculate on her pretty young face.

  • jc

    she’s so cute.,and her music,just like heaven in my ears,.she’s a masterpiece.

  • ND

    Ah, yes… the shame that she’s from PA. And that horrible fake accent…

    We’re sorry for her… and Christina Aguilera… and Vanessa Carlton…

  • Phillip McCracken

    Vanessa Carlton is awesome

  • candymanlovesu

    me wanna do her so bad

  • IamLegend_2000

    mic holding technique is good, legs spreading technique good too…I could handle a Taylor made thing now & then