The Bastardly Minute With…Ana Ivanovic

And the Wiki says…

Ana Ivanović (English Ana Ivanovic, Serbian Cyrillic: Ана Ивановић, pronounced [ˈanå iˈvaːnɔviʨ], listen (help·info) born November 6, 1987, in Belgrade) is a Serbian professional tennis player. She is currently ranked World No. 2 and is the top ranked Serbian player, just in front of compatriot Jelena Janković. At the 2007 French Open, Ivanović reached her first Grand Slam singles final, losing to Justine Henin. She also reached the semifinals of Wimbledon and the Women’s Tennis Association Tour Championships in 2007. At the 2008 Australian Open final, she was defeated by Maria Sharapova. [Wiki]

  • Smacky

    I could take a “Bastardly Decade” with her

  • brownbaggerhottie

    Agree with Kenny and pstroyer you are full of shit. I don’t know which EE countries you’ve traveled but it sure wasn’t Croatia or Serbia. Peace

    She’s pretty btw

  • Mundo

    Not bad …not bad at all.

  • pstroyer

    “but if you like blue or green eyed women, tall and elegant; the best place area is Eastern Europe,”

    Tall and elegant with beaks for noses. I find EE women often have a very rugged look, but I can see what “yes” means by them looking more intelligent. They don’t look like barbie dolls. They look like they could could grab you in a choke hold and strangle you to death (which can be a turn-on.

    And of course there’s exceptions, there always is, and I’m generalizing like a madman here.

    I like them exotic so I’ll go with countries like Puerto Rico, Brazil, India. Best places in Europe for me is fashion cities like Milano and Paris and Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway. If I want them more rugged and ruthless I’ll skip EE and go to Russia.

  • Kenny Lingis

    wow pstroyer you are very opinionated and seem to be very very hard to please. chill out and stop making a big complicated thing out of everything. all countries have beautiful women…
    how are puerto ricans and brazilians exotic by the way?? exotic has nothing to do with where you are from. last time i checked, exotic meant different, unusual, etc. ive seen tons of hot latinas but soooo many of them are also so plain looking despite being dark skinned etc. you can be exotic regardless of your ethnicity.
    darker and latin looking does not equal exotic

  • orson

    8* you are right …the most beautiful women you will find them in the South : south America ( Brazil, Argentina, …), South or Europe (Italy, Spain,…)…Scandinavia where there are a lot of mixtures also. Middle East as well. Basically wherever the background is mixed : mixture is beauty.

  • L.e.t.í.c.i.a


  • yes

    Yes there are beautiful women all over the world. But I presonally think Eastern European women are very attractive. What I like about them is that they look interesting and intelligent, not just beautiful.

    But truth told no race can be named as “most beautiful”, cause there’s always examples to contredict (and people who have different tastes, of course)

  • neo geisha

    Of course, there are ugly people everywhere, but if you like blue or green eyed women, tall and elegant; the best place area is Eastern Europe,
    I live in Portugal where people are mostly brunettes with brown eyes
    I find eastern European women stunning, sexier

  • One comment to end them all

    Ow! That’s not bad for a change.

  • cheskasofierce

    maria still my number one but ana is nippin’ at her eh?
    and yes, kenny and pstroyer are assholes.

  • Danny

    Tennis players rank up there with swimmers when it comes to having nicely toned bodies. Unfortunately swimmers tend to get manly shoulders…..

  • Blickerfield93277

    pretty as perfection!

  • Anonymoose

    Been hoping to see her pics here for a while. These were worth the wait. She is hot and looks even better with her hair pulled back.

  • Boysey

    Serbia is not EASTERN EUROPE!
    It is in the South East, indirectly opposite Italy,
    in the Balkans and close to Greece!!!!!

  • ObeyYourGod

    Ana is gorgeous. I love seeing beautiful female athletes. She is very sexy.

  • ObeyYourGod

    So yummy with her athletic body in those tight leggings.