G’D-D-Daaym! Stacey Dash & Booty on June, 2008 King Magazine

Props to J-Sin for the tip!

The latest in the Bastardly Huge Booty Newswire is that Stacey Dash will be on the cover of King Magazine. The booty is so big that you can almost taste it.

You go girl!

And, if you dig big booties, make sure you bite on this!

  • Bunz

    That is what a nice butt looks like when it is achieved by eating lots of veggies and lean meats, working out regularly, and doing lots of squats. As opposed to getting implants placed on top of an out of shape ass, ala Kim Kardashian.

    Kim should take lessons from this 40 year old.

  • L0rd

    I WANT!!

  • Mundo

    that’s photoshopped…you can see where it was blown up some more…a little texture here and there, and Walla! Big bootie.

  • ball of doom

    damn she is forty, she looks better than most 20 year old women

  • Mr Sinister

    Flawless, damn she looks great i cant beleive she’s (42)… that ass is callin my name

  • Bossy

    She NEVER had a butt like that. She was always slim and a perky booty but nothing huge…this is so photoshop. I don’t really know why though, what she has is better than this.

  • omega

    Wow, she really looks good for 40.

  • One comment to end them all

    No way is she 40.

  • Lambo59


  • Dope_Boy_Fresh

    Fuck me, if her booty really does look like that at 40 then she deserves a medal or something!!!!

  • carlitosguay

    as one of the west coast’s leading assologists, i’m qualified to rebut Bossy’s above post.

    in point of fact, the butt is one body part that can be significantly built up and shaped over time. provided one has the genetic foundation, and does enough squats/lunges, etc., a formerly slim goodie can develop into a dayummmm! without photoshop or cosmetic surgery.

    after all, the butt is basically a muscle – like one’s biceps, glutes can be made bigger.

    congratulations, and my sincere thanks, to ms. dash.

    professor smackthat…out

  • J-Sin

    Cosign w/ #15.

    I concur doctor!

  • Charlie

    Oh would I love to be smothered helplessly by that FAT ROUND BLACK ASS!!

    Sit on my face and don’t let be breathe anything but the sweet stink of your ASS.

    Don’t let me up until I have orally served and pleasured the brown stinkring those Bunz are protecting.

  • Phillip McCracken

    girl is really hot…its scary that some women can look so amazing into their 40’s these days….

  • really?

    phil i thought u like women who are “proportionate” eating your words?

  • Jimmy4

    Her butt is airbrushed to look bigger though. Her butt is not that big

    Here’s another picture of her butt and you can see that her butt isn’t all that big just normal.


  • Phillip McCracken

    #19 refer to comment #20…then go rent Clueless and see if in fact her ass IS that big…

    its not.

    add Angle of picture into #20’s comment, and you have what looks like an oversized ass.

  • bootyluva

    can u guys guess how i feel???

  • Moelicious

    Bootyluva…aim AWAY from the monitor & keyboard.

  • Blickerfield93277

    miami hot style!

  • Weenieroast

    That thing sort of scares me.

  • DirtyBastard

    i think she has a wedgie. well, her ass looks better than Kim’s for sure. Kim needs to do some squats or something.

  • Gonzo

    Hot mama!

  • Racer X

    She looks good for her age.

  • Goliano

    Now that’s what’s poppin’, kid.

  • Sophia

    Wow, she’s amazing!

    She looks better than all the young Hollywood slags I can think of!