Marisa Miller is a Fast Pitching Chicago Cub!

Snapped @ some Victoria’s Secret Chicago Swim Event

You guys have to see this woman pitch b/c from the pics, it looks like Marisa Miller has a crazy arm!

And, I have no idea how this is helping to sell VS swim wear to women, but then again, I don’t really give a shit…

  • chuchutrainbitch

    to me she is BUTTA!~

  • Molly

    Fuck the Mets, fuck the Cubs.
    She looks like she’s melting.

  • Holy Fucking Shit Son

    pic three showcases kerry “i’m currently sporting some” wood

  • Ugly Model

    Don’t feel the face but the body looks very nice.

  • Douche Baggery

    LMAO! @ Page 9. That is a typical hot chick throw.

  • horny guy

    all you idiots that say she’s butta are well…idiots. maybe her face isn’t as smoking as her body but I’d have my eyes open the whole time I was fucking her…her body is off the charts!!!

  • d55

    and her extremely low-rise jeans

  • d55

    i want her

  • Blickerfield93277

    she fucking hot as hell!! she has quite good arm there!! MLB Chicago Cubs playing tonight on ESPN!!!!! with gay ass new york mets!

  • xtoolx

    Her body is insane, but that face, not so much. I mean, yeah she’s a pretty woman, but as far as VS standards? No.

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    baseball has never interested me this much in my life…

  • Dink

    I would bang this chick during red tide! top 3 for me.

  • jamieson

    is that dude on Page 3 trying to hide his boner.

    she’s hot btw

  • highroller

    Damnn that body! That freakin body!

  • davige101

    Freakin hot.

  • highroller

    oh and i dont understand….. If this is for a swim event why not put her in…idk….swimwear!

  • mazarella

    dude i HATE this chick.

    she’s got damn orange foundation 20 shades too dark. sunspotted rachel zoe textured skin when no airbrushing is availible. uhhh hidious breasts. the hair!!! fuck she is so boring shes so fake. shes like so aged highschool mum who still like to think she looks pretty.

  • McPerv

    She needs a bag more than Fergie.

  • philrenaud

    noooooooooooo don’t pitch for the Cubs 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Weenieroast

    Her eyes seem to be looking in two different directions plus she looks 40.

  • RockHard

    Someone needs to point all those HOMOSEXUALS that think Marisa isn’t SMOKING HOT to the nearest Gay Porn site.

  • Anonymoose

    She actually has her elbow above her shoulder so she doesn’t throw like a woman.

  • Hallery

    Marisa is not a butta face! She has sun damage, yes, but come on you mean bastards! Her body is sooo beautiful.

  • Kim

    she looks good, for a 45 year old.

  • EiriniRK™

    I don’t know about the face but… I’d DIE to have her GORGEOUS body..!!! :O