• d_jologs

    Leighton coz she’s hawt

  • MissCaribbean

    Betty Rocker I actually watch it when I have time, and it isnt as bad as it may seem, some funny and unexpected scenes are in it.

  • Willa

    The chick that isn’t Emmy has some major cankle action happening. Emmy’s gorgeous, but no way in hell is her face prettier than that other chick’s. Emmy’s makeup looks like that shit that emo’s do and by the end of the day it’s all faded and smudged and looking like they came out of some dirty rough orgy.

  • Rosco

    Hard to decide… very cute both… but Emmy’s career is going road down and without brakes. My vote for her this time (very, very cute this time dress in black and hair tied back).

  • Molly

    Fuck Emmy, pretentious little bitch.
    Leighton FTW.

  • jennyla

    They’re both cute but at the same time there is something weird in a bad way going on with both… I chose Emmy because she doesn’t have cankles.

  • ow.

    emmy’s okay. but i love leighton, she’s just gorgeous.

  • betty_rocker

    I voted for my pretty cupcake Emmy, but I have to admit Miss Meester gave me pause. She is darned cute. Like a younger, not weird Julianne Moore. Is that Gossip Girl show as awful as it looks?

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    they both suck! but by shotgun choice i’d go for emmy.

  • One comment to end them all

    I’ll go with the Meester. Just because.

  • OMG Emmy Rossum is so pretty!

    …Give me her over that cankle having bulimia faced bitch Leighton anyday!

  • concubine

    Emmy. She’s talented, down to earth, and way cute.

    Who the fuck is this meestermeister wonk ho?! I’m too young not to know this shit

  • davige101

    screw them both, please. But Emmy I guess.

  • ACE

    Emmy, because I like her big brown eyes and smile better. Both are hot though.

  • WokkaWokka

    emmy by far. even the name reeks of cuteness

  • Prodisy

    Ms. Rossum, Yessum!

    Truly gorgeous!

  • NYC local

    Plus Emmy has home field advantage — Emmy used to sing at the Met in the children’s choir.

  • DaleMurph1

    No contest. Leighton Meester is very hot even as a brunette.

  • antman

    I take the one with hairy arms!

  • Kenny Lingis


  • B.

    Leighton Meester!!

  • Phillip McCracken

    Meester. easily. she looks awesome in surface and hangmans curse.

  • endlesslly

    I voted for Leighton she’s cute and looks better as a brunette

  • Flake

    I can’t stand Emmy. She really gets on my nerves. I seen an Interview of her and Gerard Butler. I don’t think Gerard is a good actor and I don’t think he’s hot but he is funny in his interview. Anyway this little bitch wouldn’t let him speak and she would say that’s not funny. I really hate this bitch. I don’t know why they picked her in Phantom Of The Opera. She is not good looking, cute or pretty. She is very average and she looks snobby.
    The other chick is nasty too but she seems better than Emmy.

  • Caitie Harmful

    Emmy Rossum…but with Leighton Meester’s feet.