Rumor: Kim Kardashian & Adrienne Bailon Lesbian Sex Tape Being Shopped?

Our job is to hear stuff and then tell you what we hear, so here it goes.

A Bastardly source close to the Kardashians is claiming that there’s a lesbian sex tape w/ Adrienne Bailon & Kim Kardashian. When we first heard, we were shocked. And as gross as all this may sound, you have to admit, there’s a market for this type of stuff.

Apparently these two chicks were wasted one night & ended up drinking a little more once they reached the Kardashian home. One thing led to another and following a couple vodka shots, Kim’s panties flew off and the rest is lesbian sex tape history. It all sounds too perfect to be true, but as with most rumors, there’s a small chance they might be true. Yes, in the Bastardly World, the glass is ALWAYS half full! Ow!