Kelly Brook @ LG Electronics Sponsored Launch Party

This was put on for the official launch of Scarlet HDTV Series.
The truth behind Kelly Brook’s split with Billy Zane

The reason behind the split between Kelly Brook and actor Billy Zane is out the English model’s dad. According to reports, Brook’s father, Kenneth Parsons, begged her on his deathbed not to marry the Titanic star. Parsons had never liked Zane and he clung on to the hope that his daughter would get back with her old boyfriend Jason Statham.

Parsons, a 57-year-old retired scaffolder, was so much against the relationship, that when Brook wanted to bring the wedding date forward after he was diagnosed with terminal throat cancer last June, he refused to give her his blessings. “Kelly wanted to bring the wedding forward but Ken wasn’t having it. He was sure she was making a big mistake,” News of the World quoted a source, as saying. [One India]

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    lokiman talks like a bitch. so gay.

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    LOL at the guy taking offense from somebody insulting his imaginary girlfriend. Come out of the basement for some air once in a while, Jayd. You might actually come in contact with a real woman who isn’t your mom.

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    hey gayd, are you bored? thats a serious question… cause you are either the typical bored internet prick, or you feel you have to defend kelly. why do you have to defend kelly? cause you ain’t got shit else going on with yourself. maybe you have wanked yourself into a frenzy of her and feel you have a commection with her? who knows? either way, just shut the fuck up!

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    lucky bitch

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    Was actually my first thought too heh :>

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    no comment!!!!

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    God, i’d so let her marry me! Stupid Zane…

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    I love her body, almost as much as Laeticia Casta’s.

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    That’s rough man, you must be a complete loser for a guy to use his deathbed wish to get you away from his daughter.

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    so it ain’t just me, lol.

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    “so it ain’t just me, lol.”

    Yeah, what’s backing you up is some fashion bitch. Good job.

    Kelly Brook is pretty much perfect. Looking heavenly as always in these pics.

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    Damn! Kelly is looking good in clothes!

    Usually I only like her undie pics.