Michelle Monaghan & McDreamy @ “Made Of Honor” Premiere

Michelle Monaghan was ‘Made’ to be an actress

When she got hitched in 2005, Michelle Monaghan asked her best friend, a guy, to serve as her man of honor.

He obliged and performed all the duties associated with the job, save for wearing a dress.

“He has been my best friend for 15 years. He’s my oldest friend and my closest friend. I always thought to myself, ‘Who would I choose?’ And I thought, ‘Let’s just ask my best friend.’ He was incredibly shocked and asked what he had to do. I just wanted him to stand by my side.”

So when Monaghan, 32, read the script for Made of Honor, a romantic comedy starring Patrick Dempsey as Monaghan’s own best friend and male wedding attendant, she said I do. “I was like, I know all about this! Sign me up!” she says. The movie opens Friday. Source