Olivia Munn @ 7th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball Party

Munn will make her debut in a large Hollywood film in the upcoming Rob Schneider movie Big Stan. She will play Schneider’s character’s receptionist Maria. Munn will also have a role in the 2008 horror film Insanitarium.

She is dating actor Bryan Greenberg. Wiki

  • ow.

    she’s got terrible skin.

  • Rasheed

    Face looks kinda masculine. Pass.

  • Krusty

    Dress doesn’t help her, but she’s still hot.

  • Delmer Fudd

    Talk about a bunch of cum guzzling faggots who couldn’t get a woman if they paid for it!Motherfuckers,you all need to get the fuck out your mom’s basements and stop criticizing women that bitches like you could never get.

  • Mundo

    great set of legs..face not hot…brown bag please…

  • The Devil

    It’s the freckles. They make her look weird, but on G4, where they have make-up, there’s few women on TV better looking than her. Overall, if you put any of your favorite starlets up to the light without the lighting and make-up, they probably wouldn’t look this good.

  • neo geisha

    a little ugly, fat legs

  • ninja…

    did anybody see her riding the Hawaii chair?

    hawt stuff there…

  • JonYo

    The freckles are a big plus in my book, rather than a minus.