More Elisha Cuthbert Bikini Pictures From Maui, Hawaii! Ow!

To check out the last set of pics, head over here.

As we mentioned in the last post, Elisha Cuthbert’s boytoy, hockey player Dion Phaneuf, is about 3x her size and the size mismatch is obviously taking a toll on Elisha’s petite bod. It appears from some of the photos (not really, but it gives us something to write about) that Elisha’s in extreme pain as a result of some major ass slamming the previous night courtesy of Mr. Giant Hockey Player.

Do any girls out there have suggestions as to what Elisha can do to combat the size mismatch in bed?

  • horny guy

    Is he that big..holy cow she’s 18 inches shorter than him

  • Racer X


    /I dig the shades

  • gabriella

    she looks pretty good…but 1) i hate those fucking retarded sunglasses, and 2) it looks like she’s gained some weight, not anything to worry about but she better keep it in check before it gets worse

  • zorro

    she aint got a neck. her chin caves into her neck. and what’s with those glasses. she was never any good anyway

  • jo

    sorry, here come some negative comments..

    shes got the face of a bull dog. looks like she’s sucking in her stomach.
    dont like bikinis that look like padded bras (with the underwire) makes the boobs look bigger than what they really are.

    they look weird together

  • Pope

    Hallery, after looking at your bikini shots, you are not 125. You are a bit on the chunky side, around 140.

  • jennyla

    my my what a hideous couple

  • neo geisha

    big men are so sexy
    elisha, enjoy

  • Eve

    “Do any girls out there have suggestions as to what Elisha can do to combat the size mismatch in bed?”


  • azz0r

    He’s certainly a man mountain…I’d like to try and climb.

  • RockHard

    She especially likes the size mismatch while he’s riding on the Hershey Highway

  • Ugly Model

    Fat deposits, silly dykey expression, and a big chimpanzee to match.

  • Deevious1

    hell im only 5’6 and i have em sore! lol

  • Deevious1

    dang B. I never thought of it like that. so me and you most be sexin all the time as sexy as we are, lmao, just kiddin

  • davige101

    i give them another 4 months until hockey season starts again.

  • bootyluva

    Me and my GF look the same. 😛
    Size mismatch.Shez short 5’2 and i am 6’3 😛

  • Hallery

    Betty Rocker – You’re hilarious! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  • jennyla

    I find this “size mismatch” disgusting. I’m 5’7 and I would never date a guy that much taller than me… if there even was a guy that tall. I like to be in charge and that can’t really be if the asshole is constantly towering over me. 5’6-5’11 ftw

  • romance33333

    she looks very cute and sexy,her legs and booty are very sexy

  • Poe

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  • Hallery

    That’s a Beach Bunny bikini. I like them because they kind of look like lingerie.

    jennyla – I’m 5’7″ too and weigh about 125. 5’11” – 6′ and 175-200ish is perfect. Any bigger than that would probably be too big but it all depends on the person. I’ve never dated a guy that big before.

  • Really?

    She looks all bloated, very average actually but not bad! I’ll bet she’s got a big snapper though, petite my ass.

  • E

    Jennyla please how is that digusting? I short sexy petite girl with a big guy is not disgusting. They probably have a great time in bed, he can pick her up and throw her little ass around. TALL girls are wack.

  • Hallery

    ^ Well, it looks a lot like one but I won’t say for sure if it is or not. It’s the exact same style anyway, if any of you bastards care.

  • bologne

    @33 YES! i was thinking the same thing. I am 5’7 and weigh 125 and am a lot more slim than hallery. Not that she is grossly fat or anything. But she is definantly not 125. I wasnt going to be the first to say anything baou tit since she is so nice though.