Heidi Montag & Mr. Douche Bag Camera Whoring On Mother’s Day

There should be laws & regulations against this type of blatant camera whoring. If anything, it’s so damn sad.

And, what the fuck is up w/ that huge ass card? Does that mean you love your mom thaaat much more?!

  • redneck

    amen RyaNAKED

    nice ass

  • ben

    I hate them

  • PoeIsGone

    They are just so ridiculously fake.
    It’s sad because I’m sure they dont even know who they are, only an image of people they have created and now souless thoughtless zombies feeding off of fame..

  • Mike Litoris

    I fucking hate these two assholes.

  • Pak31

    Wow, she looks just like her mom. When are these two going back into the catalog they came out of?? They are ALWAYS way too posed hamming it up for the cameras!! They look like models in an ad. Gross. Plus, Heidi was way cuter before her transformation, so she’s skinny big deal. She has no self esteem and she appears self centered. Not good qualities.

  • BananaCookie

    Spencer looks like a right c*#t! Are those chinos he’s sporting?… What’s the deal with his MilkyBar kid hair/beard/eyebrow combo? Dick’ead!