Victoria Beckham Pimps Her New dVb Jeans @ Harrods

As reported a couple weeks back, Victoria Beckham is suing Rock & Republic for about $100 mil. Typically (not really), people resort to hardcore litigation when they become desperate & Victoria Bechman might just fall into that category.

She’s in need of some serious cashflow b/c it was reported not so long back that her line of dVb demin is a real crapper @ various retail outlets. MSNBC reported back in March that her line was expected to generate $50mil in revs, but has only done around $15mil since the launch.

Please help Victoria & her poor, cute lil’ kids out by buying a few pairs of her jeans.

  • d55

    for fuck’s sake, smile a little…go on, fully smile…god, it wont hurt you…i think she hates the way she looks when she smiles and thats why she never does it…i mean, god, how can you not EVER smile? i smile when i even talk…it’s something you have no control over and if you never do it, clearly, you are extremely self-conscious about it

  • davige101


  • Arion

    Then, d55.. why don’t you smile for us in your profile pic??
    I mean, you don’t even smile on the pic next to the singer there.

  • nut case

    I like her she’s doing all she can to be hot. anorexia, unique hairstyles, revealing clothe’s, boob job.

  • sunny-sunny-bunny

    @12 props to you, very funny.

  • AlinaMaria

    she reminds me of wednesday from the adams family movies, when she tries to smile and that kids camp.
    VB is a haggardy old hag tho.

  • Fio

    I finally understand she always wears sunglasses. ewwwww

  • davige101

    #14 She just is!

  • RedPeony

    She can wear anything and it looks good on her. I know it’s the look she’s going for, but I think those trousers are too floppy-long. Looks like she’s going for a new ‘do while that goofy inverted bob grows out.

  • ACE

    Why would someone design pants that cover a woman’s feet or her shoes? WTF?

  • AlinaMaria

    ^i meant *at* that kids camp^

  • AlinaMaria

    ^i meant *at* that kids camp^

  • Sexy Rexy

    Well she never smiles because she’s self concious aout her teeth, but smiling dosent really suit her persona anyway! She is so fierce! Luv this woman

  • Arion

    ^^hey, what’s so funny?

  • concubine

    when she smiles for real she looks cute

  • EvilSamurai

    stupid pig-nosed cunt with fake tits.

  • Honey

    She does have a nice smile…I saw her laughing in a video somewhere.

    I love Posh and her pig nose, bony ass, bolt on boobs self.
    She a DIVA! DAMMITT!

  • jamieson

    lol @ loki, i know what you mean about her pig face, but given given the chance – you would! plus her face normally looks better than this, i don’t having her hair that does her any favours.

    but for 3 kids she looks damn good, i almost forgot she’s a milf

  • Duder McVee

    She is looking scary here, never really liked her… only her pointers when they are way out there!!!