Candice Swanepoel Brings The Afternoon Links!

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– Reese Witherspoon Bikini Pictures [HollywoodTuna]
– The 50 Sexiest WAGs of World Soccer [CO-ED Magazine]
– Lindsay Lohan in Her Bikini [Drunken Stepfather, NSFW]
– Affair Causes Shania Twain To Divorce [I’m Not Obsessed]
– Mike Tyson at the Cannes Film Festival [Celebslam]
– “I Wanna Bang…” vol 14 featuring Noemie Lenoir [The Bastardly Society]

– The New Ladies Of 90210 Vs. The Originals [Complex]
– Sharon Osbourne Will Host “Charm School 2” [Dlisted]
– No cheesey song on tonight’s American Idol finale? [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
– Is Justin Timberlake going to propose to Jessica Biel? [Cele|bitchy]
– Jude Law was spotted in the VIP area of 195 Nightclub [The Blemish]

– Japanese version of The Office [Flabber]
– Susanna Hoffs Still Has The Hotts [CityRag]
– Kiefer Sutherland has finalized his divorce [DerekHail]
– Gwyneth Paltrow and her Balmain heels [Celeb Warship]

– Indiana Jones killed [Fatback Media]
– Lily Allen Topless Pictures [The Grumpiest]
– Scarlett Johansson Does Italian GQ [Popoholic]
– Are you a Bastardly Lady of the Day? [The Bastardly]

And of course…

  • d55

    she has some bitchy, devilish cat eyes…very sexy…the rest is blahhh

  • MadMax

    @d55, eh, you didn’t like the collar bones?

  • d55

    haha i dont really have a collar bone fetish so no?

  • Glimmer

    d55,anything non traditional in the body fetish dept. you like to admit ???

  • concubine

    generic but she’s cute

    looks very nice with the dark hair

  • Glimmer

    billy whizz…nothing starts until someone sets the dig cam ! 🙂

  • omega

    I agree, better as a brunette.
    But, I would really like to see her do some crazy, out of the world
    photoshoot rather than the same old cotton bra and panties shots.

  • babygirl2000

    too hot for tv lol shes very pretty

  • Pamela Susan Courson

    ^^nah.. check page 8.. look at her hugely wide shoulders, her no titties,
    she has a funky body

  • AlinaMaria


  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    page 8 is one of the best pics.

  • Pamela Susan Courson

    ^^whatever.. I thought you liked Adri more?? This site is full of gays, anyways

  • Honey

    Body is HOTT!

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    you are joking right? what the fuck is your problem?
    look don’t start no shit with me. either don’t insult me or just don’t speak to me at all.
    all that personality switch bullshit gets annoying fast…

  • Kenny Lingis

    adriana is hotter but she wasnt hot at the time that photo was taken pam. too young and skinny. i love the present adri.
    candice has a great body but shes pretty boring and not memorable. but id hit it of course. i think she looks better brunette. blonde makes her look like a typical fake blonde bimbo and makes her too generic.

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard


  • buccal fat

    Pamela is your favorite food really toothpaste? Isn’t that dangerous to eat that.

  • Pamela Susan Courson

    Look. I don’t wanna fight here. I guess I know why you guys don’t like Lima on that picture.. but hey. Doesn’t matter.

  • davige101


  • JumpingIsUseless

    Very nice but a bit on the generic side like some have said. Lovin the eyes though.

  • Anon1

    Looks yummy, guys should post some of her other work, although in her June 08 cover of German Elle they airbrushed her into a mannequin.

  • Goliano

    Where does the back end and the ass begin?

  • Billy Whizz

    Great day of eye-candy here at The Bastardly.

    Candace is aesthetically close to perfection, but too tall for me.

    The girls of the new 90210 are so much hotter than the old ones that it’s not even up for discussion. One Shenae Grimes is worth three Shannen Dohertys.

    I get the feeling Lily Allen is good in bed.

    For the amount of fucking and drinking and drugging she’s done, Lindsay Lohan still might just be the hottest girl around. Her ass is awesome, as are her tits.

    Gwyneth Paltrow is looking sexy for the first time in her life.

    Mila Kunis is gorgeous. She’s got that cold Russkie blood running through her, so no one should say she needs to smile more. Russians, especially Ukrainians, need you to give them a reason to smile.

    Still, out of all these beautiful girls and women, I would take Indiana Evans over all of them, because she’s 17 and I am a fucking pervert. 17 year old pussy is like a Royal Flush; it beats anything. After that I would take Lilo, then Mila, then those girls from the new 90210, then Candance, then Lily Allen, then Gwyneth…

    Holy Fuck.

    You walk into a room. There is a couch and on the couch are nine naked women, all of them on all fours, wearing heels. There’s Candance, Lily, Lindsay, Gwyneth, Indiana, Shenae, Mila, Jessics Stroup and Annalynn.

    Who do you start with, and who do you end with?

    As Rocco Siffreddi once so eloquently said: “I want to fuck you all!!!”

  • MadMax

    Between Pamela, Loki and several other that jump in and make it interesting and fun, I think I like this place.

  • azea

    I don’t uderstand why some morons compare Candice to Adriana.They are different both beautiful but different.

  • azea

    I don’t understand why some morons compare Candice to Adriana.They are different both beautiful but different.