Denise Richards Pimps New Reality Show & Talks Charlie Sperm

Denise talks with Matt Lauer on Today Show

First off, Denise Richards wants to send a big F-you to the bastard who sent out the fake email claiming she’s in search of ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s sperm.

“That e-mail is not legitimate,” Richards, 37, said on the “Today” show, of the correspondence she purportedly sent to Sheen’s then-girlfriend and now-fiancée, Brooke Mueller. “It’s a doctored e-mail. I would never send an e-mail to his … girlfriend, and, at the time of that e-mail, I was with Richie [Sambora]. If I wanted anybody’s sperm, I’d have asked for Richie’s.” [Fox News]

And secondly, Denise was on Larry King Live earlier this week trying to justify the fact that her new reality doesn’t exploit her kids.

King: Why did you include your young daughters in the show? Because there might be some people who say that’s exposing them.

Richards: Well, in making a decision to do a reality show, I needed to commit to that and I wanted it to be real. And the reality is I’m a single mom to two little girls. The show’s not about my children. They aren’t featured in the show. And they are definitely not being exploited. They’re in it very little.

King: They’re not?

Richards: No.

King: Do you worry about a possible negative effect on them?

Richards: It’s only the show. They are very unaware of the cameras. We’re just doing everyday life and it’s being filmed. I wish people could at least watch the first episode and then make a decision. A lot of people have said I’ve exploited my kids. And that goes into a broader area. Are child actors being exploited?

King: Some people think, yes.

Richards: They do. And for my ex-husband, it wasn’t consistent with his reasoning. And he had no problem, originally, when I asked him about the show.

King: He didn’t?

Richards: Originally, he was fine with it and he signed a waiver that I was able to have the kids come.

King: Has he changed his mind?

Richards: He changed his mind.

King: And is now complaining about it?

Richards: He was not happy with it and that’s why we went to court, to see if I could have the kids in the show.

King: And you did win?

Richards: I did. I get to have them in the show. But they’re in it very little. [CNN]

You can check out Denise & her kids on her new reality show, “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated,” which premieres on E! May 26.