How Long Will Nick Cannon Last With Mariah Carey?

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These were snapped as Mariah & Nick rolled into LAX inside a huge ass Rolls-Royce. Bastard.

Once the initial glow & mushiness fades in a couple weeks, I’ll give Nick until September 1st, 2008 for a public explosion. Actually, if Nick Cannon can last until then, it’ll truly be a testament to his patience & amazing thirst for Mariah’s world of bling-bling.

Mariah’s annoying personality will ultimately take a toll on Nick & force him to choose his sanity over the fleet of Bentleys, Rolls-Royces & private jets. It’s simply a question of when his value system will take a turn…

  • Stephanie

    she looks great..he looks like a dork

  • goinggaga

    call me crazy, but i really think this will work. seems like she really wants this, and wants babies and the whole 9 yards. she’ll pamper him w/ unlimited gifts which will make him stay and as long as the sex is good, which i’m sure it is, there is no reason for him to leave.

  • Rhonda

    6 months, and that’s being generous.


    I see serious problems for this broad in the future, you know this won’t last long, he’ll get some dough, she’ll be heading into her 40’s, probably get tons of plastic surgery, the future is not bright, so why is she wearing shades?