• betty_rocker

    @17, ha! and tell me, God, is St. Paul as big a Brian De Palma fan as I’ve always suspected?

  • jennyla

    LMAOOO comment 2

  • LMAO

    “and will not do roles she feels will disappoint God.”

    Lol, she’s a slut, she sucks God’s big bad bone everyday.

  • Auntie Krist

    I am God, Megan. You disappoint me!
    You are a big disappointment and a failure!!!

  • Avenging Fist of Mediocrity


    Megan, this is God. You can call me G. I think that last guy might be Satan.

    I am not disappointed in you but I am disappointed with your clothes. Cast them away! Go nekkid unto the world as I intended. Again, perhaps with Gabrielle Union. You all could wrestle or something else holy like that…

  • Rasheed

    Fugly, might still be a tranny.

  • d55

    man, bitches like her get me mad…they do everything when they’re dirt poor but once they get enough money, they start to become picky and act all high and mighty…gimme a break, slut

  • BBC

    shes so sexy. she was also hot in the tyrese movie…forgot whats its called but i wanna fuck her

  • Goliano

    Growwwllll….. The only thing wrong with her dress is that it’s hidin’ those luscious stems.

  • betty_rocker

    Yeah, you can tell she’s super-committed to roles which totally do not disappoint God. Because God’s a huge, huge fan of the Saw series.

  • Avenging Fist of Mediocrity

    Ummm… hello. God again.

    Yes, Betty, I totally dig the Saw movies. We get all the good satellite channels up here in Heaven, so I have managed to see them all, even with my busy schedule of smiting and arranging for people to win various awards and sporting events. I mean, it’s Heaven up here. It pretty much rocks; you didn’t think we sat around watching The Greatest Story Ever Told and those awful Left Behind movies, did you? In fact, we are all real stoked about that new Hulk movie. Especially St. Peter… he’s a total comic book dork.

  • Mr. Sinister

    That dress is awful,looks like a silver bag what a dissapointment.

  • king biscuit

    Hot yes.
    Prone to saying the odd clanger? Undoubtedly.