Whitney Port @ 2008 MTV Movie Awards

Photo Credit: Bauer Griffin

And the Wiki says…

Whitney Eve Port (born March 4, 1985)[1] is a participant from the MTV reality television series The Hills.[2] She is a former fashion contributor for Teen Vogue.

Port prefers to keep her personal life separate from her professional life and chooses not to have intimate life details aired on the reality television show, including her relationships and family life.

In a recent interview in Teen Vogue with Lauren Conrad, Whitney said that Lauren and Audrina Patridge had invited her to move in their apartment, but she declined the offer. [Wiki]

  • ACE

    What’s with the whole knee thing? I don’t get it. I know I go on and on about feet, but knees?

  • Ugly Model

    She looks like the silly chick you’d like to get in the sack.

  • Goliano

    Grandmothers are knitting shoes now?

  • SuperDave

    sorry ACE, you have brought me to a new level of physical awareness…lol

  • ACE

    My work is done here! lol

  • jamieson

    what a shit excuse for a pair of legs. her thighs are the same size and thickness as her calves. that’s pathetic

  • ShareDaddy

    Freaky eyes and those shoes look to be on a five year old.

  • Larry B.

    This chick is so average looking. How did she get the babe classification. I propose new category, average chicks…

  • Tweeder81

    i have to admit homegirl is hot (i.e. the Rolling Stone Cover of all 4 Hills biiiiatches) and she is most def fuckable. Her ego just like all them other girls is writing checks the clit aint cashing. You go up to ol girl in a bar and all she gonna do is give you shade.

  • d55

    lmao those shoes…no wait, no legs, no face, nothing…just a big mess

  • d55


  • Smacky

    there is nothing good about any of this

  • Sir Percy of Scandia

    hey i like this girl! she’s not annoying and has to put up the LC’s bullshit. she hasn’t punched LC in the face yet. lots of self control so she gets bonus points in my good. the shoes gotta go.