Hilary Duff Carries Many Things At Once!

Hilary Duff: people don’t want to me change – but I have to

Hilary Duff has said she finds it hard moving away from her teen roles – because people don’t want her to.

“It’s scary having moms come up to you all the time saying, ‘We love you. Never change. Never ever change.’ And I’m like, ‘OK, but I have to change.’

“That’s not a fair thing to say to anyone. It kind of scared me. But [at the same time, I was] a little like, ‘Oh my god what are the kids going to think?’” Source

  • Duder McVee

    She look horrible here… kinda like a Courtley Love grunge skank. I usually like the Duffster but here its a, ah, NO!