Gisele Bundchen Smoking In Black & White! Ow!

Michel Comte is the bastardly genius behind this photo shoot.

Quite surprisingly, when we put up Gisele’s July GQ layout against Adriana’s April GQ layout, she held up very strongly. Roughly 1450 people were split down the middle (Adriana had 51% of the votes).

  • Anonymoose

    I vaguely remember watching “Wild on Cannes” on the E! channel several years ago. I think it featured a photoshoot of Gisele trying to look fierce. I wonder if these are the same pics.

  • AnnMarie

    I like it its different. Which is good.

  • brazilian

    best man in fashion, btw. looks better than a billion women.

  • rree

    i like the photos…a little out of the ordinary,i’m tired of models making the same faces and predictable photoshoots

  • Eve

    Looks very manly on page 3, but I think on page 9 she looks beautiful.

  • Phrack

    She smokes cancer sticks and looks like shit.

  • Anonymoose

    Okay my own memory surprises me sometimes. The movie poster in the background is for Never Been Kissed with Drew Barrymore and that was released back in 1999.

  • Paco

    Here Here.

  • rare

    9. pstroyer.. true..
    but i must admit that her breast are great!

  • MadMax

    She already has those smoking lines and wrinkles forming between her eyes and around her face. She’s gonna be some funky looking lady in a few more years.

  • Ugly Model

    The photographer was on crack?

  • Honey

    Giselle’s face disturbs me. They should be trying to make it look better not distorted and angry.

    I like her body tho…I have to admit, even though she doesnt have a lot of curves…her legs and boobs are nice.

  • omega

    yeah the face isn’t great but she has a better body than

    99.998% of women out there


  • cocomademoiselle

    pic 3: kate moss did the exact same pose and it was of course 100 times better and sexier

  • Paco

    HA! You guys kill me. Quit bangin’ on her. She is definitely bangin’ enough. Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful.

  • The Devil

    Beautiful, beautiful legs and breats.

    I’m not that into her face, but it’s OK. Her body is close to perfect though.

  • BlueElement2k

    Still my favorite. All you haters out there need something better to do.